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Darkness That Lurks Essay

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Darkness that Lurks
Everyone has a darkness lurking in them, trapped and held back by the chains of society. William Golding’s book, Lord of the Flies a group of boy’s crash land on a deserted island. Without any adults or rules the boys start to lose their civility. The darkness in them slowly starts to become free. Although the boys attempt to keep their civilized side, the lack of rules and adults slowly brings out their inner evil.
The boys decide to hold a meeting to decide roles and jobs for everybody. The boys attempt to make rules and to stay civilized. Ralph, a boy they voted as chief tries to keep the boys on track of the meeting, but he can tell that the lack of rules is slowly affecting the boys. “The world, that understandable and lawful world was slipping away” (Golding 84). This thought that Ralph has expresses how the world that they used to be in, of rules and adults was slowly disappearing. Without the continuous pressure of rules, society, and parents, the darkness in the kids is slowly breaking free.
A group of boys were assigned by Ralph to hunt and to keep the fire lit. Jack, one of the boys who were assigned to hunt, decided to take all of the boys hunting, leaving the fire unattended. The fire eventually goes out, and Jack goes hunting, where he describes the feeling of hunting and killing a mother pig. “His mind was crowded with memories, memories of the knowledge that had come to them when they closed in on the struggling pig, knowledge that they had outwitted a living thing, imposed their will upon its lifelike a long satisfying drink” (Golding 64). Jack says that he hunts for meat and survival however it seems like he’s only hunting to satisfy his blood thirst. The hunters slowly become savages, letting the darkness take over them. However even after the boys savagely murder a pig, their blood lust is not satisfied. The boys reenacting the killing scene, mistake Simon, an innocent boy, for a beast. They cold bloodily murder the poor boy. “The water rose further and dressed Simon’s coarse hair with the brightness. The line of his check slivered and turn on his shoulder became sculpture marble…” (142)....

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