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Darkside Of Life Essay

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Snow was falling from a dark grey sky at an alarming pace, on the night Camilla awoke from a nightmare. Her skin was covered in a thin layer of sweat; her heart was racing and Camilla’s dark brown fringe suck to her forehead. The sound of screeching tyres and Camilla’s own screams still rang in her ears and she believed she could smell burning rubber.
“Cam you seriously need to pull it together.” Her voice was stern in the darkness, as she stared up at the ceiling. “Every night.”
Taking several slow and deep breaths Camilla tried to return herself to some semblance of normal so she could at least try to get back to sleep.
Across the small village Monroe paced his small bedroom, the ...view middle of the document...

” Monroe winked.
“Great.” Camilla rang up the pint and inserted the money in the till.
The inn was small and most of the table and chairs did not actually match – to anything. Monroe had been running the inn for so long he didn’t keep count of the years any more. In the centre of the inn sat a large fireplace, which was constantly fed with timber from the nearby woods. The flagstones were cold and by the front door a small collection of snow had started to melt.
Monroe lent his tall, broad frame on the bar as he watched Camilla deal with another patron. Her dark brown hair was pulled up in a messy bun that showed off the large Om symbol tattooed on the back of her neck. Camilla’s thin frame was clothed in a pair of leggings and a baggy I love New York t-shirt.
“Monroe you are sort of freaking me out.” Camilla said as took payment for the patrons drink.
“Sorry.” Monroe smiled. “I was just wondering why you came here?” A small frown formed on Camilla’s face.
“I dunno, I don’t really know.” Camilla laughed. “Just felt like I should be here.”
“Interesting.” Monroe mumbled.
“On that note can you go to the storage hut and gather more wood.” Camilla beamed sweetly.
“Sure. It’s not like it is snowing out there or anything.” Monroe muttered as he headed back to the front door.
Camilla watched him leave and could not help think that there wasn’t something quite right with him. There was an unsettling feeling radiating off him. Camilla tried to push her thoughts to the back of her mind but she knew they were there.
In the corner of the inn, high above the tables sat a T.V. The screen was dark and Camilla was to busy on cleaning the bar to notice that the red light in the corner had changed from red to blue. It gave off a low hum as the screen lightened and a picture formed.
“This evening there was a fatal accident.” The news reporter said from beneath an umbrella.
“Stupid T.V” Camilla said as she jumped, her eyes fixed on the blonde woman.
“I am currently out side St Christopher’s Hospital and we are expecting several accident victims at any moment.”
“Reports have no concept of personal space.” Camilla tutted.
“At the moment we have received reports that three of the people involved have already been pronounced dead at the scene.”
“Poor people.” Camilla murmured transfixed by the television screen.
“In total we are expecting five victims all of which are in a critical condition. We as of yet have no information on what caused the accident but we expect that the weather played a large part.”
The picture froze then disappeared. Camilla could not help but feel saddened by the news. Yet it was weird the T.V had decided to turn on at that point. Shrugging it off Camilla went back to her evening jobs, which at this moment consisted of slicing lemons.
Monroe stood in the small wooden hut staring at the large pile of wood. There was a ringing in his ears that was becoming louder and louder.
“Leave me alone. I can’t, I just can’t” Shouted as he...

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