Data Analysis Method

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Throughout our observation week we were able to collect vast amount of data both from observations and interviews. In order to let our data speak to us and help us to understand how the collaborative work is conducted between ITB and Royal Danish Library we have adopted grounded theory method as a main data analysis practice to work with. This decision involved summarizing cons and pros of using this approach. According to Glaser, Barney G & Strauss (1967), using grounded theory involves development of theory rather by logical deduction then from experimental data itself. The publication of The Discovery of Grounded theory finds it relevant in practical applications and enable prediction and ...view middle of the document...

The theory itself is a reverse trend from traditional way how is the social research supervised. In the late 60s there was a fashion how to conduct research which mostly involved the use of quantitative and statistical methods. As Glaser and Strauss declared in Bryant (2000):
“although obtaining accurate facts is important, we address ourselves to the equally important enterprise of how the discovery of theory from data - systematically obtained and analyzed in social research - can be furthered” (p. 3).
Not as the other methods, the first step in grounded theory is to compose a data collection in a first place, using several different methods (sampling, survey data collection, experiment etc.). During gathering of information we categorize and analyze them properly during the research. By doing so we are able optimize our view on field to gather more relevant information, even there is data overflown time during starting period over a time we were able to determine our main focus and most importantly formulate our final research question.
Our group decision was to observe work field in different set of hours so each of us is able to get precise data throughout the observation week. All the data were initially written in a form of notes which were later on transcribed into digital form, so we are able to share them among group members faster and more effectively. According to Say Share there are two different paths how to proceed within an interpretation of our raw information collection:
“The first approach is philosophical; data are analyzed according to the philosophy in which the data are collected. The other approach is thematic analysis and code development.”

We have decided to use a color coding approach in order to find out important artifacts and highlight the high level and low level categories in our data collection. By using this step we were able to see the patterns of collaboration at the work place and better understand the connections between different categories. Moreover by color coding process we have acquired insight on some interesting phenomena, which supported our focus on an important invisible work practices going behind the scene of an ordinary visitor. As described by Strauss & Corbin (1990, p. 96) the process of color/axis coding is:
"a set of procedures whereby data are put back together in new ways after open...

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