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The topics featured in Gandy’s article focuses on the notion of “racially coded data” (1) and how the data is translated into information that may or may not be put to the greatest use. Meaning that targeting certain races with a number of issues with the intention of aiding them, May actually cause more harm than help. He tries to argues that “racial statistics have not only come to represent the distribution of life chances in ways that continue to place African Americans down the bottom of the pile” (5) and then follows on by illustrating “some of the ways in which many of the same statistics are used to ensure that their status is less likely to improve” (5). He mentions this idea of a ...view middle of the document...

The topics Gandy discusses comes across clear and to the point, but since he is arguing the repercussions of racial statistics, by him repeating these points you could then ask the question; doesn’t his entire argument then juxtaposes his entire argument, making it slightly redundant. Also one notion received from Gandy’s argument is that with some ideas he considers could be then argued as a one a sided or slightly old fashioned debate, particularly as they show little or no evidence of where his ideas are from. As a result of these understandings from this article, though he gets his point across, is argument is not particularly convincing. He does not show any other perspective in order for the reader to grasp an idea and therefore this article could easily have argument against Gandys notions.
In comparison, Andrejevic poses and form a convincing argument as he uses a vast range of scholar’s materials to enforce his point, In fact Andrejevic s argument begins with the use of Taylor’s ideas and basically sticks with them and reinforces them throughout the entire chapter. Both scholars draw upon the ideas from a sociologist’s perspective, about the notion of collating data-information from within society in order to gain further knowledge of that society. However they focus on different outcomes, with Gandy it is the ideas of social and economic implications relating to and in return causing a notion of racial disparity and with Andrejevic it is used in order to gain an understanding of developmental techniques with production and understanding the relationship and increase of production and consumption.
As these two articles both broadly discuss the ideas and implications of the data collecting and then narrowing them down to their relevant subject arguments, it then allows the opportunity to explore further notions of data collection, the implications of them and what they would potentially mean to us as a society.
Recently within the field of media and particularly in relation to surveillance, ex NSA agent Edward Snowden has come forth, from obscurity and left behind his personal and professional security in order to shine a new light on the field of internet technology and allowe the public some inside revelations regarding how internet surveillance with the use of data has embedded the idea of corporate consumption exploitation upon us. The article published on ‘The Guardian’ website on 29th December 2013, titled ‘here’s how data thieves captured our lives on the internet’ written by John Naughton focuses on how Edward Snowden opened up societies eyes and making hard hitting revelations regarding how we use the internet and what or whom will possibly manipulate our data history in order to further societies consumption of their various products. The article not only mentions the idea of State surveillance but also corporate surveillance with companies such as Google, Facebook, twitter and Yahoo exploiting its user’s data history to...

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