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Data Collection: Baseball Era/ Team Paper /Res341 With Instructor Notes

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Data Collection: Baseball ERASummary of Research Process ResultsPurpose of the Research: The purpose of the research will be to determine the mean ERA and compare that number to the number of wins that teams have that are above and below the mean ERA. Team A will also be looking at the mean number of wins that Major League Baseball teams above and below the mean ERA have and how those numbers compare. This research is important because it allows us to compare wins to ERA.Problem Definition: The problem that will be examined in this research project will be whether or not teams that have lower than average ERAs (below the mean) will be able to win as many games as teams with above average ERAs (above the mean).Problem Hypothesis: Team A has chosen to use the two-tailed hypotheses through null and alternative hypothesis to (indirectly) predict the direction of the difference between lower than average ERAs (below the mean) and above average ERAs (above the mean).Two-tailed hypothesesNull Hypothesis:(verbal form)Ho: No statistically significant difference in the mean wins between teams that have ERAs below the mean and teams that have ERAs above the mean.(Numeric form)Ho: μ (ERA below mean) = μ (ERA above mean)Alternate Hypothesis:(verbal form)H1: A statistically significant difference exists in the mean wins between teams that have ERAs below the mean and teams that have ERAs above the mean.(Numeric form)H1: μ (ERA below mean) ≠ μ (ERA above mean)The outcome of this two-tailed hypotheses will be that Team A will either reject the null or fail to reject the null.The two types of variables that will be used to support the hypothesis are objective and precise method of measurement. Since measurement of ERA's and win's can be measured in actual numbers and not subjective speculation the ratio scale of measurements will be used.Data CollectionTeam A has collaborated to identify four peer-reviewed research articles that are relevant to the research topic. The purpose of this segment will be to provide a review of literature, sampling design and data collection specifications.Review of LiteratureThe first article that was reviewed was titled All Time Career Pitching Leaders and was a data set that included the top 20 pitchers in various categories. To qualify for the leader list for ERA each pitcher needed to have completed at least 3,000 or more innings. The list included pitchers with the most number of wins and losses, pitchers with the best winning percentage, most number of games, most number of games started, most number of complete games, most number of shutouts, most number of saves, most number of innings pitched, and of course, the all time ERA leaders. This article is relevant to the research since it allows us to examine the mean ERA of the all time leaders in both ERA and wins.The second article that was reviewed was titled Inside Dish. This article gives news briefs relating to baseball in 2008. The first part of the article...

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