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Data Collection Method Essay

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Data Collection Method
One of the methods that will be chosen to collect data for the research project will be the use of a case study. The participants will be carefully chosen from organizations in the retail sector. The organizations that will be selected will provide a well-diversified portfolio of both smaller and larger size and across multiple areas of product and service offerings. The purpose for this is to provide an expanded opinion base that could potentially allow the study to be expanded to a broader applicability model for the results.
Once the organizations are established, the participants from these organizations will be chosen carefully through a series of interviews to determine their level of reliability and contribution to the study. Each candidate will go through three interviews with three different interviewers. The interviewers will ask the candidates open-ended questions that will test their reliability and credibility to the study. The interviewers will have a predetermined set of questions that will be asked to the interviewee. Each session will last fifteen to twenty minutes in length. Once all interviews have been completed, the interviewers will discuss the findings from each interview with the candidate to pick the best choices. A total of twenty participants will be chosen to be a part of the case study and they will be provided $100 at the end of the process as a gesture of appreciation for their time.
The participants will go through a series of three sessions with each lasting one to two hours. Each participant will sign a consent form to ensure that legal protocol is achieved. The interviewer will ask open-ended questions so that the participant can provide honest and detailed information. The interviewer will ask follow-up questions based on the answers provided. The questions will focus on specific context around qualities that both increase and diminish store and team productivity within the retail environment. Once the interviews have been completed, the participant will go through a debriefing so that they are provided all of the information needed so that they understand the case study and its processes.
Data Recording Process
As the participants are being interviewed, the interviewer will be taking written notes based on the progression of the session. These notes will be detailed and provide an accurate representation of the interview. The interviewer will note specific times within the response where there was hesitation, a heightened tense of stress, or any other notable verbal or nonverbal instances with the interviewee. It is vitally important that the interviewer pay close attention to the actions of the interviewee so that it can be taken into consideration during the analysis phase of the research study. The sessions will also be audio recorded to ensure verbal indicators are identified. The interviewee will be asked to given written consent to acknowledging the...

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