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Data Interpretation Essay

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Data Interpretation


To begin in some sort of form our geography class was split into 7
groups of 4 people in so that it was easier and faster to obtain,
observe and record our results from the 7 specific sites chosen on the
River Alyn. I am in group 7. Out of the 7 sites our geography class
only visited 2. The other 5 sites were visited by other geography
classes in the year within a space of 3-4 so that conditions had not
varied much.

The River Alyn is situated in North Wales and is tributary of the
River Dee (see fig.1, page 8) The 2 sites that my class visited were
Llanferres and Pontblyddyn. Llanferres is the furthest upstream and
Pontblyddyn is the second to furthest downstream. The results from all
of the other sites visited were inputted onto the school computers and
then printed out for our needs.


I will be investigating the pollution of the R.Alyn. I have chosen to
investigate the pollution of the R.Alyn as I think that scientific
tests will give me better results to work from. I believe that the
pollution of the R.Alyn will decrease downstream until peaks of high
pollution will occur at the Sewage works (192635), Chemical works
(234649) and also at Mold Ruby Club (245644) I believe that after
these sites the pollution of the R.Alyn will decrease to site 7, Hope
(283603). For positions of the other sites see (fig.2, page 9).

Reasons for Hypothesis

I believe that the pollution will decrease downstream until and after
the points of high pollution because as the river flows it obtains
more oxygen from the air. Air bubbles are produced at the surface of
the river as the river clashes downstream. Therefore the river quality
is improving which means pollution is becoming more and more diluted
the further downstream the river flows. That is if my predictions are

There will be a peak of higher pollution at the sewage works because
when there is a lot of rainfall, ammonia (a cleaning agent) leaks from
the sewage works and enters the river mainly by surface runoff.
Surface runoff is the proportion of rainfall received at the Earths
surface which runs either as channel flow or overland flow. It is
distinguished from the rest of the rainfall which either sinks through
the soil or evaporates back into the atmosphere That rainfall that
sinks into the soil can enter the river by through flow. This is when
rainfall enters the river underground. The ammonia enters the rainfall
therefore entering the river. There should also be a high level of
nitrates, explained below.

I believe that there will be a peak of higher pollution at the
chemical works. This is because nitrates which are used in the
agricultural industry to enhance the quality of soils can enter the
river by surface runoff and through flow, definitions...

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