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Data, Knowledge, Understanding, And Wisdom With Health Information Technology

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Evidenced-based clinical practice approaches health care decision making by using the best relevant evidence available from systematic research with the incorporation of the provider’s clinical expertise and the patient’s values and expectations to decide on the most suitable treatment option (Cochrane Collaboration, 2014). However, it is impossible for an individual provider (physician, nurse practitioner, or registered nurse) to be aware of the all of the latest research findings since present knowledge becomes outdated in a short period. Health information technology (HIT) allows health care providers to make the best possible decisions utilizing clinical decision support (CDS), health ...view middle of the document...

• Wisdom is exclusive to humans; it is the ability discern and judge right from wrong and good from bad based upon morals, ethics, values, and cultural context.
Clinical decision support (CDS) systems deliver healthcare providers with information that is matched with the specific individual to a computerized knowledge base and software algorithms that produce recommendations at the appropriate time to improve health and health care (Garg, et al., 2005). . Garg, et al’s (2005) systematic review examined patient care with using CDS that provided patient specific advice that a healthcare provider reviewed before making a clinical decision versus patients without the benefit of CDS in their care. In 47 percent of the studies, CDS was a part of the electronic medical record or computerized provider order entry (CPOE) using early generation CDS systems. CDS provided relevant information at the time of care in 88 percent of the studies examined. Forty percent of diagnostic systems provided improvement in care with cardiac ischemia in the emergency department, increased mood disorder screening in the post-traumatic stress disorder clinic, and reduced time to diagnose a patient with a bowel obstruction. CDS for preventative care reminders was beneficial in 76 percent of the studies with most studies taking place in...

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