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I. INTRODUCTIONIn the modern century, get information correctly, rapidly and timely is one of the most importance complications to reach success. Information systems are almost used in every field, especially in business area. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate and make this management report.The title of this report is "Data, Information and Information Systems" In the report, there will give enough contextual material to understand the analysis. The material includes two of correlative cases. One of the cases is focus on database, which is about database management systems to help a company get a better understanding of clients. The other case is based in two big auto makers in U.S auto industry, which are Chrysler and General Motors. This case is talk about how these two corporations improve on their information systems. Then, how the new systems to help the organizations walk out the auto industry downturns and become to get profit.The approach to reach the subject is find the existent cases then based on the cases to made analysis. The subject of this report is to make a critical contention about information systems. The report is based on intensive analysis and critical commentary. During the elaborate analysis, the cases will be used to support the analysis. Furthermore, graphics and tables will also used in proper section.II. CONTEXTThis section will give two cases, which are "National Westminster Insurance Systems" and "Chrysler and GM: Organization, Technology and Business Processes in the U.S. Auto Industry". The detailed cases will expound as following:The first case is referred from a case study shown in the appendix of this report.(See for case study National Westminster Insurance System, 1999 and Chaffey D., pg.10)NatWest Insurance Services (NWIS) is a company, which is one of the largest independent insurance intermediaries in the UK. However, the organization has many different operational systems; information was never timely and the management never got what they really wanted. Because of this, they need to build a new operational system and exploit the information that they wanted.According the case, the first prototype of NWIS using data from the 'household claims' department to prove the concept of migrating data from one system to another and then interrogating it. The prototype solved some problems and also shifted company's focus, which from moving data to quality of data. The first phase of development was to complete the 'household' system and build routines also that the database could be updated daily and weekly. The team then moved on to the 'business insurance' department. Summarized financial data from the general ledger followed, using Microsoft Excel files created by finance.Besides these, human resources data to create a database, sales information was transferred from an RDB database, customer feedback on sales and service levels were transferred form an Access database. Most of the users access the...

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