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Data Visualization Essay

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Developing a motion chart is a technique can be used to avoid the problems stated above. It can avoid chart junk which contains extraneous visual elements that distract from the message which should not be in the chart. It prevents distracting patterns, overbearing colors and even unnecessary grids and outlines. According to Edward Tufte, chartjunk can turn bores into disasters, but it can never rescue a thin data set. It also helps to improve standardized scale size of each circle. It improves the correctness and effectiveness as the information conveyed by visualization is more readily perceived than information in other. Besides that, data ink ratio can be maximized. The unimportant information can be eliminated for the sake of simplicity without loss of data information. Moreover, sufficient data and information can be provided for the chart. It provides tagging and enough data to show the playfulness of the chart. It can make a chart more informative by improving data density. Furthermore, it can make it more interactive for the chart. It allows users to directly interact with and dynamically change the visualization according to their viewing purposes.
Step 1 is generating or gathering data set from the website of Malaysian General Election GE12 and GE13. Step 2 is filtering and processing data by using Microsoft Excel to do the calculation of data set of voting results. Step 3 is to do the visualization by sketching the motion chart on paper. Step 4 is to choose the toolkit or programming language used to develop the chart that is Google Code Developer. Step 5 is the process of generating code/ editing coding which can be implemented by debugging the code, fixing the code error and then testing the code. Last step is saving and exporting the visualization chart so that the users can view the voting results data more clearly. There are a few common algorithms which can assist us to generate the best visual representation of motion chart for exhibiting voting results data in the motion chart. Firstly, we must comprehend the data set we are attempting to visualize, including its size and cardinality which is the uniqueness of data values in a column. Secondly, defining carefully what we are attempting to visualize and what type of information of voting results we want to communicate with. Thirdly, we should know our audience’s requirements and fully understand how it processes and interprets visual information of voting results. Lastly, visual representation of motion chart can be used to deliver the information of voting results in the simplest way for audience.

Audiences can learn from visual representations of motion chart of Malaysian General Election GE12 and GE13 in order to familiarize with the information and data more easily and swiftly. This data...

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