Database, Data Warehouse And Mobile Internet

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How businesses store, organize, and manage their data has a tremendous impact on organizational effectiveness (Laudon & Laudon, 2012). In order to determine whether to have a separate database from a data warehouse, you must first understand the differences between the two. A database is referred to as an organized collection of data. Databases are created to operate large quantities of information by storing, retrieving, inputting, and managing that information. Databases are set up so that one set of software programs provides all users with access to all the data. A simple database is usually designed in normalized tables in order to minimize redundancy and optimize writing operations to ...view middle of the document...

Like the term “warehouse” suggests, a data warehouse is a place for storing data in a centralized location. In a data warehouse data is typically structured in what is called a star schema approach through the use of dimensional modeling. With the proper implementation of a data warehouse, current as well as historical data can be used to create reports, generate ideas, or provide a source for comparing data for different trends. A data warehouse is mostly used to facilitate reporting and analysis.
Many companies use a data warehouse successfully for storing their historical data to the data warehouse than to a database. As database is going to be used for the store operational data rather than using a data warehouse. So, in the data warehouse also how the data is going to be managed for the current and historical data can sometimes lead to problems. Many times the past historical data is required to make out a decision on the particular point of view and that is why to manage a historical as well as current data in to the data warehouse is much more feasible. The purpose of a data warehouse is to provide flexible access to the data to the user. Data warehousing generally refers to the combination of many different databases across an entire enterprise. Data ware houses store current as well as historical data, so that all of the relevant data may be used for analysis. The analysis helps to find and show relationships among the data, to extract meaning from the data. A database, on the other hand, is the basis or any data storage. Data from various sources are collected in to a single place; this place is called the database. The data is organized into a structure of some sort, mainly according to a database...

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