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MIS 4330 – Assignment 6 and Assignment 7: Database Design and Testing
Assignment: Complete exercises 1-4.
1. Recall the AVS scenario from previous assignments. Create an ER Diagram to represent the database design for this system. Include the entities, attributes, relationships, and cardinalities. Name a minimum of three attributes for each entity that you have identified. (20 points)

2. Examine the database entities shown in the figure below and then complete the following problem. (10 points)

For each table pictured above, identify the primary key and the foreign key(s). If a table does not have a foreign key, write None in the assigned space provided. Use the ...view middle of the document...

To check an order quantity that must be 10-100, the tester would use a valid value (20); a lower value (5); a higher value (101); and non-numerical characters (ABC).
A System Test can be performed in the Design Phase to test the Interface Design by doing Usability Testing.
By allowing users to use the system under specific instructions, and recording their reactions and frustrations, the designers get an idea of the ease of use of the system. If a user got confused or frustrated accomplishing a task, it is a flag to do some re-designing.
One of the most common types of tests used in the Implementation phase is Acceptance Testing. Alpha and Beta Tests are conducted to see if the business needs that the system was developed for are met or not.
Alpha testing uses made up data while beta testing will use real data but are monitored for errors. 
4. Consider the Use Case Diagram, Use Case Description, and Sequence diagram you created for the AVS scenario. Write a test case to test the rent video functionality in the system. I have provided a sample test case template that you may use. (20 points)
Purpose: This test case tests the Video rental functionality. It will test how videos are rented out of the store.
Prereq: Some Assumptions are; “User exists”, “Video is in stock”.

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