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What are the advantage of DBMS over Conventional file system. ExplainADVANTAGES OF DBMS The DBMS (Database Management System) is preferred ever the conventional file processing system due to the following advantages: 1. Controlling Data Redundancy - In the conventional file processing system, every user group maintains its own files for handling its data files. This may lead to following: • Duplication of same data in different files. • Wastage of storage space, since duplicated data is stored. • Errors may be generated due to updation of the same data in different files. • Time in entering data again and again is wasted. • Computer Resources are needlessly used. • It is very difficult to combine information. 2. Elimination of Inconsistency - In the file processing system information is duplicated throughout the system. So changes made in one file may be necessary be carried over to another file. This may lead to inconsistent data. So we need to remove this duplication of data in multiple file to eliminate inconsistency. For example: - Let us consider an example of student's result system. Suppose that in STU¬DENT file it is indicated that Roll no= 10 has opted for 'Computer' course but in RESULT file it is indicated that 'Roll No. =l 0' has opted for 'Accounts' course. Thus, in this case the two entries for z particular student don't agree with each other. Thus, database is said to be in an inconsistent state. Sc to eliminate this conflicting information we need to centralize the database. On centralizing the data base the duplication will be controlled and hence inconsistency will be removed. Data inconsistency are often encountered in every day life Consider an another example, w have all come across situations when a new address is communicated to an organization that we deal it (Eg - Telecom, Gas Company, Bank). We find that some of the communications from that organization are received at a new address while other continued to be mailed to the old address. So combining all the data in database would involve reduction in redundancy as well as inconsistency so it is likely to reduce the costs for collection storage and updating of Data. Let us again consider the example of Result system. Suppose that a student having Roll no -201 changes his course from 'Computer' to 'Arts'. The change is made in the SUBJECT file but not in RESULT'S file. This may lead to inconsistency of the data. So we need to centralize the database so that changes once made are reflected to all the tables where a particulars field is stored. Thus the update is brought automatically and is known as propagating updates. 3. Better service to the users - A DBMS is often used to provide better services to the users. In conventional system, availability of information is often poor, since it normally difficult to obtain information that the existing systems were not designed for. Once several conventional systems are combined to form one...

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