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Database Mgt Essay

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Running head: HUFFMAN FLEET TRUCK DATABASE 1HUFFMAN FLEET TRUCK DATABASE 2Planning and Creation of a Fleet Truck Maintenance Database for Huffman TruckingPlanning and Creation of a Fleet Truck Maintenance Database for Huffman TruckingIn creating a database, the most vital steps are identifying the table elements. Upon analysis of the Entities and Attributes for Fleet Truck Maintenance form, the elements of the database tables can be identified. In a table, or relation, the entities and attributes of a table define the structure of a database. An entity is an object of importance about which data can be captured. An attribute is the information that describes the entity. When creating the tables for the Huffman Trucking Fleet Truck Maintenance, entities and their relationships must be taken into consideration (Koenke & Auer, 2010).Selection of Entities and AttributesIn the Entities and Attributes for Fleet Truck Maintenance document, the entities and their attributes are clearly defined. The entities are listed in all capital letters. The entity's respective attributes are listed below the entity. For example, for the entity "Parts_Inventory_Issues", the attributes listed in the document are:Transaction IDIssue DatePurchase PriceQuantityIn creating the table, the attributes must be examined to ensure that the table is organized logically and contains no chances of redundancy. Because of this, the entities and attributes used in the actual database will be modified from the attributes listed in the document. Repeating attributes will be deleted or reorganized to ensure logical structure. Each table will contain a primary key. The creation of a table will have an added attribute; it will be the table's primary key. For instance, in the table "Part_Issues", the primary key will be "Issue_ID." The attributes "Purchase Price" and "Quantity" will be deleted since that data is present in another table and does not directly relate to part issues. The attribute "Description" will be added in order to be able to document the nature of the part issue. Additionally, the rest of the tables will also be assigned a primary key so that each table has a unique identifier. The chart below shows each table name and its corresponding attributes.


Vehicles- a table displaying the vehicles in Huffmans fleet.

Vehicle_ID (PK)


Veh_detail_ID (PK)

Vehicle_Invoices- a table displaying invoices for all vehicles purchased.

Veh_Invoice_ID (PK)

Vehicle_Type- a table displaying the types of vehicles.

Type_ID (PK)

Maintenance_Descriptions- a table with general details of each maintnenace type

Maintenance_Type_ID (PK)

Tire_Maintenance- a table...

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