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Database NormalizationBy: K. TurnerNormalization in its most literal sense means: To make (a text or language) regular and consistent, especially with respect to spelling or style. 1 Normalization with regard to database technology takes on a slightly different meaning, but the concepts of consistency and organization remain the same.As a database grows, it grows not only in size, but also complexity. This inevitability provides a need to maintain order and organization. The best way to keep things streamlined is to reduce complexity and minimize errors and redundancy associated with the increasing size of the database. To reduce the amount of redundant data, tables are created, on an individual basis, to store and maintain information and their associative attributes. This process, referred to as normalization, in database parlance. This not only reduces database complexity, but can also be a great tool for reducing errors such as typographical and misspelled words, as data is stored only once, instead of repeated multiple times. The process of normalization strives to eliminate errors which can be inherent to the database milieu. These errors include; update, deletion, and insertion errors.To summarize normalization it could be said that; Normalization is part of any successful database design process; without normalization, database systems can be inaccurate, slow, and inefficient, and they might not produce the data you expect. Maintaining organization on the ground floor will help to obviate some of the aforementioned problems as the database grows and evolves.The Process*When you normalize a database, you keep four goals in mind:*Arranging data into logical groups. These groups can then be associated via relationships.*Minimizing the amount of duplicate data stored in a database, this helps to keep the database streamlined and helps reduce redundancy.*Organizing the data such that, when you modify it, you make the change in only one place. This reiterates the avoidance of errors (update, deletion, and insertion errors).*And last, but not least, building a database in which you can access and manage data quickly and proficiently without compromising the integrity of the data , such that each group describes a small part of the whole picture, so to speak.Things to Keep In Mind during the Design ProcessBusiness rules: conduction of research at the company, requesting database services, before you can begin to design and normalize a database. This baseline information can provide the necessary guidelines to start to form a template for future goals and plans. Confirmation of preliminary plans can help to avoid re-design issues later that should be addressed early on in the design process.Relationships: These are the alliances or associations between tables in the database. This sets up integrity between tables in the database, which helps maintain conformity. This can also help to mitigate and eliminate problems with data deletion. Several...

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