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Database Systems And Health Care Essay

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Computers undoubtedly have been the most remarkable invention of the 20th century. They have been affecting every field of life since their invention. Computer is a classic case of a technology that has found uses its inventors could never have dreamt of. The influence of computer in Health care is enormous. The process of keeping patient records, appointments and every other kind of information has been transformed from paper to computers. Computers have played a key role in improving the quality of health care. The most direct contribution that information technology can make to improve the quality of health care is to provide the clinician with better information about the patient and health problems at hand and alternative tests and treatments for that problem.Database systems are designed keeping in mind the requirements of clients. Different software packages are available in the market, which can be modified based on the needs of the users. The purpose of these packages is to increase efficiency and save time. Because this is such an important and delicate industry, these database systems need to be very carefully designed. A minor error can have tragic results. Use of database systems has revolutionized the healthcare industry. From scheduling to payroll to all kinds of related information are now stored in databases. Healthcare facilities use different kinds of data, for example they need insurance information for their patients, they might need results from other healthcare facilities for their patients. Although paper records are still kept but database systems now play a key role in healthcare facilities. Different factors such as data distillation, data security, connectivity, storage of data and decision support system contribute to make any database system more efficient and useful for the clients.A database system in a health care facility would have to consider many factors. Efforts are made to improve the quality of the information provided by these databases. These database systems not only are not only efficient but also cost effective compared to the number of humans it would take the same job. Security of the data is the primary factor considered like in any other system. People reveal highly sensitive information to health professionals; therefore it is necessary that any systems should ensure the safety and appropriate use of the data. An appropriate level for the privacy of that information must be established. Different ways to protect the data would be, passwords, redundant disk systems, encryption and firewalls. To ensure data integrity database systems often store data on RAIDs. In addition to providing a backup copy of the data RAIDs also speed up the system. Maintaining a usage log of all documents accessed and changed helps improper use of records by unauthorized personnel. The log can be scanned manually or automatically to detect attempts to log onto the system or to make changes to files. The integrity of a...

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