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Database Tracking And Programing Essay

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A database system is a way to organize information on a computer by a set of computer programs. The database is a mechanism that is used for storing, managing, and retrieving by the use of tables. Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets are used to store data in a tabular form. Database tables consist of columns and rows that contain different types of attribute for each column and each row corresponding with a single record. A database is more powerful than a spreadsheet because a person can retrieve records, update records in bulk, hide items and retrieve them, use to cross reference records in different tables. A database also performs more complete calculations than a spreadsheet.Advantages of using Microsoft Access 2007 are that a person can track information more quickly thank with the paper method. People that use Microsoft Office Aces 2007 can share information over the web where information can be audited and backed up. Anyone can use Microsoft Office Access with no work experience. The forms and reports are already built into the software. A person can type information and access 2007 and it will recognize if it is a date, currently, or a type of data information.Office Access 2007 assists new field types as an attachment like documents, images, and spreadsheets to any record. A person can select more than one value to a cell. Collects and update information directly from Microsoft Office Info Path 2007 or HTML. With Microsoft office and access you can link tables to the database from other sources like Excel, Windows Share Power point Service sites, ODBC, and Microsoft. SQL Serve database to a discussion on more than one set of information.Microsoft Access is known for a relational database that was created by E.F.Codel in 1969 and is founded on set theory and logic. Microsoft Access database is efficient, predictable, well performing, self-documented, and easy to modify. Every table has a primary key to identified rows in a table. Foreign keys are columns used to reference a primary key in another table. I can establish a relationship between the kinds of tables, one to one, one to many, and many to many in a relational database. The many too many relationships require a linking table. Normalizing is a process so a design of a database is to achieve its optimal structure that follows Normal Forms. The entity integrity rule forbids null sin primary key columns, where the database must contain any unmatched foreign key values a well - designed database required business insight, time and experience, occasionally a person will need to demoralize the database for performance.The database is the most important component of an application design. If a person takes the time to do it right, you have the foundation to build all of your application for the database...

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