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The database approach to data management provides significant advantages over the traditional file-based approach. In basic terms, a database is a collection of information that can be easily accessed, managed, and updated. ( Regardless of the type of information that is stored in a database, it is categorized and filed. And every type of business utilizes a database for information and record management. In basic terms, a database is a collection of information that can be easily accessed, managed, and updated. ( Regardless of the type of information that is stored in a database, it is categorized and filed. And every type of business utilizes a database for information and record management.A banking company, such as Wachovia, not only utilizes databases for information and record management, it earns revenue by providing database management services. Some of the other services that are provided by Wachovia rely on a backend database that is integrated with a client facing application. These databases have tables that contain end user information such as phone numbers, employee numbers, and site addresses. As well as tables that include many application functions that directly connect with a client facing application.Wachovia uses Microsoft technology such as Microsoft SQL Server 2000. Microsoft SQL, or structured query language, is a standard interactive and programming language for getting information from and updating a database. ( every application that is developed or purchased by Wachovia uses a SQL database as its backend office application. This standard application allows for development teams to design and implement applications and utilities that can integrate with one another. This type of design is intentional based on the type of services Wachovia provides to its clients.One of the client facing applications that is heavily dependent on the database backend is the incident management system that is offered by Wachovia for its clients. An incident management system tracks end user requests, problems, and changes that are recorded by a service desk, or help desk team. The application relies on over 300 tables that contain individual pieces of information the build an end user's request. Each table is linked by a common, unique identifier, commonly known as primary key. This unique identifier exists in all tables and links the records together. However, even though the backend application is complex, to a help desk technician, the information is presented in the incident management system in an organized, presentable manner. The help desk technician does not have to search the 300 or more tables to locate a specific piece of information.Another database that is used by Wachovia is the human resources database that is linked to the SAP application. This database contains all of...

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