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Databases In Real Life Essay

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In today’s digital era, our life seems easier because of its technologies. Computer technology is the most influential among others. It supports anything that related to the new inventions and innovations. One of important role in computer technology is a database. Although database is not as popular as web application in computer technology innovations, it determines whether such application system is good or not. Database is ‘a shared collection of logically related data and its description, designed to meet the information needs of an organization’ (Connolly & Begg 2010, p. 65). In the past week, I have interacted with them such as the database in flight data, student system, bank, ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, the computer has to check whether the student ID and the initial password that I submitted matching with one record of the database in Flinders student database. After I got my FAN, I have access to Student System, Email, FLO (Flinders Learning Online), Wi-Fi service, etc. Every student in Flinders has their own unique FAN, so there is no FAN which is used by two students or more. Besides FAN, student database select the only topics that are available for that student only. For example, I chose Master of IT, so the list of topics must be the topics for MIT student not the topics for Master of Public Administration.

After I finished enrol all topics for a couple semesters, I have to pay the tuition fee. To make transactions with university easier, I must have bank account. Saving my money in the bank, the bank must have my data such as passport number for international student, name, address and phone number. Then, the employee inputted my data in its database. After I agreed with the terms and conditions, the bank gave me account number and asked me how much money I want to deposit first. The first money that I deposited will be my balance. That balance will be updated every time I do transactions which is adding when I deposit more money or decreasing when I withdraw the money. Every time we use the ATM, the bank ATM always asks the PIN number. Then, the ATM system checks whether the PIN number is correct. The PIN number is also saved and encrypted in the bank account database.

Besides organizing books in book shelfs based on categories, the library must have its database. When I went to the library few days ago, I saw computers functioning as tools for searching. That function will be impossible if there is no database in it. I can search to find a book I want. It can be searched based on title, author, publisher and ISBN. The advantageous of using database in the...

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