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"Dating In The Rainy Evening " Short Life Story

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Dating in the rainy eveningIt was Wednesday evening, six p.m. I had just come back from college. As usual for me, I turned on my computer and pushed the connection button. "Connection, please wait while authorizing," my computer answered me as always. Finally, I was on-line. "I will see him again! Oh, my God, I am so excited," I was thinking while my favorite "Internet Relay Chat" program was loading.The chat room was full of my friends. But he was not there yet. I began to look for him in an other room, but he was still off-line. I got up from my chair and went to the kitchen to make some tea. When the tea was made and the flavor of coco and peaches was delivered in a flat, I went to my room with a loudly beating heart."Cloud of Waiting, I was waiting for you for 5 minutes. Where were you?" I saw on my screen."Said, how are you? What are you doing now?" I asked him at once. His real name was Dima. However, he used to use his nickname Said not only in a chat room, but for real life as well."Oh, I am searching for someone who would like to go for a walk," he smiled and answered me."But it is raining now! Are you crazy? Though I would like to take a walk right now with you," I said and stared in waiting on the screen."Ok, where will we meet? And don't forget to take an umbrella," he whispered.I suggested meeting near the "Meridian" ship. When he agreed, I went to prepare for our date. Such a meeting was probably the first in my life. Earlier when I also met boys, they were my peers. I knew them well and, basically, I did not need to prepare specially before meeting them. I did not have any special feelings for anybody among them and, in general, considered that they should be happy and proud that I agreed to spend my precious time with them. But now was something special. I was so nervous because it was a new experience for me and made me so stirred and afraid of it.I was in a panic. I did not know what I should wear or how I should fix my hair. Finally I ran out of my flat promptly. Certainly, I did not intend to run along the street, but it was necessary to hurry up because I was ten minutes late. Usually I was not used to being late because of knowing how to calculate time correctly, but now this was not that case. It was the date with him! In spite of the fact that the time for preparation was enough, it had not sufficed to wash, dry and fix my hair, throw on a skirt, though it was not crumpled, and put on light make up or all the other aspects of getting ready to present myself.It was so good that the bus had approached, probably on time. I would not be very late. But my trip was so long that I began to think that I would never arrive on time. After half an hour, I was descended downward the stairway leading to the "Meridian."In spite of the fact that could not happen, that I had not recognize him because we discussed beforehand even what we were wearing, at the same time I was afraid very much of it. I permanently looked on the right and...

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