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Dave Pelzer: An Inspirational Story Of Courage

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Dave Pelzer has shown a tremendous amount of courage throughout his life by surviving an unimaginable childhood, spending the majority of his teenage years going from one foster home to the next, and going on to inspire people all over the world. Dave is living proof that nothing is impossible. His story is sure to inspire all who hear it.
Dave Pelzer was born on December 29, 1960 (The Lost Boy). He and his family lived in Daly City, California (Pelzer 3). He lived a wonderful life for his first four years. However, shortly after he turned four, things took a drastic change for the worst. The events that took place after his fourth birthday and continued for eight years are truly unimaginable.
Before things changed, Dave’s family was considered the “Brady Bunch of the 1960s”. They lived in a simple two-bedroom house in a nice neighborhood. His father supported his family as a fireman in San Francisco. His mother was a stay-at-home mom who had a deep love for her children ...view middle of the document...

Perhaps the worst incident that ever occurred between Dave and his mother happened in the summer of 1971. In a drunken rage, she threw a knife and stabbed him just above the stomach (Pelzer 83-87). That was what set the tone for the remainder of their time together.
Finally, on March 5, 1973, Dave was rescued by a group of his teacher’s and placed into foster care. He stayed at many different foster homes throughout his teenage years. At his second foster home, Dave didn’t fit in as well as he had hoped. He eventually ended up getting in trouble for riding his bike down the street his mother lived on. He did this a few times and was removed from that foster home when he got caught. Dave’s third foster parents were the Turnboughs. Even though Dave was placed into several more foster homes after that, the Turnboughs eventually ended up adopting him as their own son. They taught him how to live on his own and prepared him for adult life (The Lost Boy).
Dave has been recognized for his story by many organizations. Dave joined the Air Force in 1979 (Dave Pelzer Timeline). While enlisted, he worked in Juvenile Hall and other programs that had to do with “Youth at Risk”. In 1990, he received the J.C. Penny Golden Rule Award. Three years later, he was recognized as one of the Ten Outstanding Americans. In addition to that, he was the only U.S. citizen to be awarded as one of the Outstanding Young Persons of the World for his efforts involving child abuse awareness and prevention in 1994 (Pelzer 179-180).
Even though he had to go through things that no child should ever have to experience, it is no secret that Dave Pelzer proves that it is always possible to defy the odds and overcome any circumstance. His incredible courage and will to live kept him going throughout his years not only in foster care, but as an adult as well. Dave’s story is truly inspirational and is sure to touch the hearts of everyone who reads it.

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