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David: Donatello, Verrocchio And Michelangelo Essay

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David, living in the shadows of his brothers and continuously on the run from a resentful King Saul, he grew into popularity after exterminated Goliath, the enormous Philistine worrier. As story has it, David used his sling to kill the grotesque warrior by shooting a rock into his head. Even after becoming king, he was constantly in battle defending his kingdom. A men who was greatly devoted to God, yet committed adultery and was an absent father, was still referred to by God as “a man after his heart.” So what made Donatello, Verrocchio and Michelangelo immortalize him; was is it his strength or was it his great devotion to God?
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Donatello’s second portrayal of David was in 1440-1460, with a great distinction between his first David. The sculpture is made from bronze and stands 5’21/2’ high. In his second representation of David, Donatello sculpted the first nude and free standing sculpture during the renaissance. To which, people of that time found controversial as they believed that nudity was sinful, distasteful, and vulgar for the soul was more valued than what was on the surface. In addition, the only nudity of the time was in depicted in biblical text. In this particular sculpture we witness a return to accident Greece and Rome admiration of the body. The David isn’t as Greco-Roman god but rather a youthful and noble hero that stands proudly in a relaxed contrapposto with a sword in his hand and Goliath’s head at his feet. In both of Donatello’s statues, David appears as physically fragile and graceful.
This particular David was commissioned by the Medici family, a family of great wealth and power in Florence. In addition, the Medici family is known as the “godfathers of the renaissance” for the reason that they invested an immense amount of money they invested in the arts during the renaissance. So why would they commission a sculpture of David? The sculpture was to be flaunted in courtyard of the Medici palace in Florence. For which, identified themselves with David, first he was a symbol of the Florentine republic and secondly the Medici felt responsible for the Florentine affluence and independence. So far, both sculptures have their arm on their hip and both are in contrapposto: but we notice more differences than similarities. First the material, one is made out of marble and the other from bronze. Second, one is simply dressed and the Medici David has a decorative hat and strappy sandals despite being nude. Lastly, they hair: the marble version has petite curly hair and the bronze version has long lushes’ curls.
Andrea Del Verrocchio was the director of a studio shop who allured several young apprentices, including da Vinci and is considered to be one of the impactful sculptors during the second half of the 15th century. Verrocchio’s David was construed in 1465-1470; to which rumor has it that it was modeled after one of his students from his studio, Leonardo da Vinci. Once again, we notice another work of art commissioned by the “godfathers of the renaissance,” the Medici family, which reinforces how the Medici relate to this youthful and epic biblical creature. The sculpture was sold by the Medici to the Florentine government and it was to be flaunted in the Palazzo della Signoria, the town hall of the city, but the people of Florence turned on the Medici family, which led to them being repulsed from the city of Florence it was...

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