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David Jones is the only Australian department or variety store with an online e-commerce website at present. Whilst most of the other players, such as Myer/Grace Bros, Target and K-Mart, have websites, David Jones is currently the only one from which you can order a wide range of products, including cosmetics, electrical appliances, audio-visual products, books and fashion.In the marketplace, David Jones has always had the image of being an exclusive, upper class style of store. Several years ago, the focus was changed to obviously draw a proportion of Grace Bros sales. A rough patch in sales followed until approximately three years ago, when it was decreed that DJs sales and marketing focus should be brought back to the higher end of the market. This is demonstrated both through marketing and store appearance. A current David Jones brochure (attached) contains a wide array of quality products, which have been photographed in a very artful and appealing manner. The colours used throughout the brochure are very elegant together, which portrays an image of exclusivity. In conjunction with this, the brochure has a very stark and uncluttered feel. The same can be said for a typical David Jones store layout. As an example, the David Jones store in Chatswood has free space in abundance giving an uncluttered feel, with lashings of marble, expensive wooden shelving and plush carpeting.It would appear that the website is designed with much the same principles in mind. Take the initial homepage for example: everything is laid out in an easy to navigate, and uncluttered fashion, with one featured product range (For the Home) highlighted in the middle of the page. There are also high quality brand names (Christian Dior, Calvin Kline, Lancôme) named on the homepage, which further drums home the idea of exclusivity.Even though David Jones is an exclusive department store, they are famous for their Price Promise, which is said to be "your guarantee of the lowest prices every time". This pricing policy is usually highlighted on marketing material "" it appears on the front cover of the current brochure "" and in-store. DJs have again used their website to further this image, with an Internet search of Australian e-commerce sites (such as hmv.com.au and dstore.com.au) unable to match David Jones' prices for CDs and electronics. Not surprisingly, these other sites were harder to navigate and search for products than the David Jones site was. They also looked cheaper, with dark colours and badly scanned CD covers giving an otherwise useful site a bad image.An advantage of the web over existing forms of retail is the ability for things to be quickly updated. Whereas in a store, products may need to be physically moved around, new shelving erected, and new signage produced, all is needed to update a website is a website developer. This means that David Jones can offer weekly promotional items and ranges easily and quickly. This can be seen on the...

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