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David's Changing View In The Chrysalids

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In the novel The Chrysalids by John Wyndham it explains the life of a boy named David
Strorm and how he is part of an anti mutant society named Waknuk. In this society they have
very strong policies on small "deviations" and things that do not follow there norm. If not
followed the "deviational" people would be sent to the fringes where they are put poverty and it
is a fight just to survive for the next day . As a child David is taught a very harsh way of
following his religon. As he gets older he endures much pressure to follow the exact teachings of
Waknuk. Besides this, he continues to grow and understand more about how his views on
deviations change. As well as, how morally wrong the teachings of Waknuk are. Lastly, on how
David finds out that the teachings of Waknuk are not the only one. In The Chrysalids Sophie,
Uncle Axel , and The Sealand lady are the three important people in David's life whose
perspectives influence his views and opinions on this society. Sophie for her kindness, strength,
and her heartwarming personality she has showed these when her foot was stuck under the rock
and by always having a smile on her face. Uncle Axel, for his knowledge and educating him for
the things beyond his surrounding. He also gave David the confidence he needed to accept his
ability and himself. Finally, The Sealand Lady for her strong will on telepathy and finding it to be
the true image of God.

As David was a child he had a childhood friend by the name of Sophie Wender . Sophie was
very kind to David even when they first encountered, she showed much effection towards
David as if they have known one another for quite sometime.When first meeting Sophie, David
found that,"She likes to have fun, be exited, and be happy"(7). Also, that," She is
empathetic"."She was so empathetic that i [David] was baffled."(8) When seeing all these traits
of Sophie David thought that she was normal girl. But when finding out that Sophie has six toes
he was very suprised because throughout Davids life he was always taught that deviations are
evil demons sent from hell. But when encountering one it made David think the exact oppisite.
This caused David to be very shocked that his friend Sophie could be a deviation because she
is found to be very out going and happy. But what he hears from Waknuk is that deviations are
evil demons. But when seeing Sophie she is probably one of the most enthusiastic person he
knows. So he find it hard that Sophie could be protrayed as an evil person. When to him he,
"Finds it hard to see how the very small toe on each foot could make much difference
either."(55) David begins to see how strong Sophie really is for being able to consive herself in
the village even though they all hate her kind. But then he starts to suspect that Sophie is actually
way, "More sensible and braver than...

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