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Davidson Institute for Talent Development is an educational institute designed to educate profoundly gifted students by allowing them to reach their full potential. A common misconception is that gifted students can easily be integrated into a standard school classroom and still receive the level of education they require. In reality, these students need a specialized education program that is focused on helping them realize their talents and abilities both in education and extracurricular activities. To achieve this level of education, the Davidson Institute for Talent Development creates an environment that is different than that of the classic classroom setup. Their curriculum is specifically written for gifted students and includes more than just academic material in an effort to round out their students. The pictures I have chosen show both the rounded out curriculum that the institute attempts to achieve and the data that forms the reasoning behind their decision to create a better learning environment for gifted students.
The first image is a map of the United States that shows where gifted education is mandatory and also where it is funded. There are only four states that both require the program and fund it completely. This is troubling for the gifted community as they may or may not receive the education they require simply because their state does not offer the program or will not provide the funding. Many states have not made the decision to mandate gifted programs and even fewer have fully funded the programs that they do have. This image embodies the reason why there was such a need for the Davidson Institute for Talent Development to be created. They wanted to solve the problem of gifted students not receiving the education they need which they were clearly not receiving in many areas. This image is presented in a way that allows for viewers to understand precisely why this institute is necessary.
To make this idea easier for their audience to understand, the Davison Institute color coded this map. It contains five different colors that each represent something different in regards to gifted programs and funding around the United States. Each state is assigned a different color based on its standing as far as mandated gifted programming and funding goes and the meaning of each of the colors is listed in a key that goes along with the map. The use of the different colors is an appeal to pathos because of the feelings that certain colors evoke in an audience. Red traditionally has a negative connotation that is associated with it and on the map red represents the states that have no funding and no mandated gifted programs. Yellow and orange are slightly more mellow colors but are still close enough to red to stand out. These colors are used for the states that have neither fully accepted nor declined gifted programs. Finally, green is a color that represents something good, or ready to go. ...

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