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Perhaps an underappreciated issue faced by many high school campuses is students sleeping in class, or in more appropriate terms, students not getting enough sleep. “Wake up!” solves the problem for many teachers, but this solution is dated and ineffective. While the students eyes may open, their brains remain functionally inert, and no matter how much a teacher tries to keep their attention, a half-asleep student will never learn as effectively as a fully awake and attentive student. This doesn’t seem like it should even be an issue, after all, the students with this problem just need to manage their sleep more responsibly. Less electronics, earlier bedtimes, and easier course selection all ...view middle of the document...

Students stay up late to get their work done, they show up to class late, their grades start to slip, they get even less sleep trying to get back on top of things, and then the cycle repeats.
The problem with sleep deficit goes much deeper than just making kids tired. Over extended periods of time, a lack of sleep can damage interpersonal relationships, instigate depression, inflame anxiety disorders, and overall decrease quality of life for students. Many students in high school and even college joke about how you can choose two options when given the choice between having a social life, keeping good grades, or getting sleep. While something of a stereotype, it represents a depressing reality that balance between the three options is elusive or even impossible to obtain, especially for students who tend to overachieve. These are the students who show up to school three hours early for sports, or stay at school until 9 at night to compete in robotics, or spend all their free time trying to keep up grades in 5 or more AP level classes. These overachievers represent some of the most driven and intelligent individuals the world has to offer, but schools hurt them the most by keeping them from getting the sleep they need.
The solution is simple: Start school later. If the body doesn’t have the flexibility to change its schedule, and it can’t function fully without at least 8 hours of sleep, the only thing that can change is the time when school begins. Regrettably, skepticism prevents many administrators from delaying high...

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