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BOSTON UNIVERSITYMETROPOLITAN COLLEGEFINANCIAL AND MANAGERIAL ACCAUNTINGMET AC630MICHAEL MCGINTYSPRINGFIELDNATIONAL BANKMUTLU AKINU61141746SPRING 2007FINANCIAL ANALYSIS OF DAWSON STORES, INC.Dawson Store, Inc. has applied to Springfield National Bank to obtain a $ 100,000 line of credit, on an unsecured basis, to cover its short term needs. The company's credit demand has been evaluated according to the its last four years financial statements and have been of the opinion that lending the company $ 100,000 short term loan may be risky as long as it does not raise its paid-in capital. Evaluation and the supports of conclusion are provided below.1. THE STATEMENT OF CASH FLOWSTo figure out the recent performance and financial position of the company and to make a conclusion about the credit risk, Comparative Statement of Cash Flows prepared based upon Comparative Balance Sheet and Statement of Income is below:

Cash Provided ($) 1981

Cash Provided ($) 1982

Cash Provided ($) 1983

Net income









Due changes in working capital

Increase/Decrease in A/R




Increase/Decrease in Inventories




Increase/Decrease in Supplies & Prepaid Expenses




Increase/Decrease in A/P




Increase/Decrease in Taxes other Than Income Taxes




Increase/Decrease in Accrued Liabilities




Increase/Decrease in Income Taxes Currently payable




Increase/Decrease in Deferred Income Taxes, Installment Sales




Increase/Decrease in Current Portion of Long Term Debts




Net Cash provided by operating Activities





Increase/Decrease in Investment and Other Assets




Increase/Decrease in Property, Plant, and Equipment








Net Cash provided by Investing Activities





Increase/Decrease in Long Term Debt




Increase/Decrease in Deferred Credits




Increase/Decrease in Payment of Dividends




Net Cash provided by Financing Activities





Net Change In Cash




Cash at The Beginning Of Year




Cash at The End Of Year









Current Ratio 1 (With LIFO)





Current Ratio 2 (Without LIFO)





Quick, or Acid Test, Ratio





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