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Day Care Essay

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In today’s society the majority of households have a family dynamic where both parents need to work. It is nearly impossible for most families in America to survive financially without two incomes. This puts many parents in a situation where they have to find extra help to watch their children while they are away at work. “These days couples face complex negotiations over work, family, child care, and housekeeping. It becomes evident that where traditional marriage through the centuries has been a partnership based on mutual dependency, modern marriage demands greater self-sufficiency” (Hekker). Day care becomes a necessity for many families, and the main concern for most parents is if the day care will be a positive experience for their children. Day care can be a positive option for parents seeking help with child care as well as developmentally for the child.
Many stay-at-home moms believe that the first day of day care can be very scary for children who have never been away from their parents. These children have never developed the vital sense of independence. They find themselves suddenly alone, away from their moms, and they lack the knowledge that it will only be for a short period of time. Children that are sent to day care early on already have developed an advantage over newcomers by having acquired this knowledge. Familiarity is gained over a period of time and trust is developed before other basic social learning interactions can occur. Children that have already developed the skill of a sense of independence and un-attachment from their parents have an easier time for transition when entering kindergarten and being away from home during the school day. Jennifer Cerbasi from Fox News suggests, “Children who separate from their parents early and have a positive experience at day care learn to trust that Mom and Dad will leave but they always come back. In addition, these children become confident in their own skills and thus, more self-reliant” (Cerbasi). Being self-sufficient is a positive attribute that any individual can learn in their lives, and that is a very good quality that an individual can learn especially at a very young age.
In life it is healthy to make lasting relationships, and to socialize with other people. It is important that children are given the opportunity to be around other children so that they can acquire vital communication and social skills. “Even with siblings, you can’t match the opportunities for social interaction that a child has at day care in the home. Your child will be placed in a class with children close in age and have opportunities to play and negotiate with peers each day” (Cerbasi). My daughter is 3 years old and she is an only child. Day care is something that I would love to put our child in, because for just even a couple hours a week she can be around other children and have a socialization experience she will emotionally need while being around others her own age. This is...

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