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Day Care Observation Essay

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While observing the La Petite Academy where my nephew goes to class, I found the environment very encouraging for children. One thing I noticed upon arrival to the daycare is that there is keypad that only parents and staff have the codes to, which allows the facility to be safe. There are numerous animals, letters, and numbers on the walls, along with the children artwork. Upon arrival, I saw that they had each student wash their hands before starting their work. Each room of the daycare was separated by age group allowing them to learn at their level.My observation of the two year olds, started early in the morning where they began singing songs and doing exercises to get the children motivated. They then sat in a circle and started to sing the alphabet. Besides working on the alphabet in the time I spent at the daycare, the children also wrote the letters the best they could. Another big observation I made, is that even during the times the children were to be singing, sitting in a circle, or doing what they were supposed to do the environment was not structured very well, and seemed flexible. They did have routines like greeting one another, napping, as well as snack times, which seemed to be easy.The children at La Petite Academy had a lot of room to run and play. There was a large fenced in area connected to the daycare where the children went out and played for a while during the day. However, it seemed that depending on how the children were behaving, and if they were to the point of not listening, then the children went outside to play and run...

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