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Day In Sports Essay

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Benedict Cumberbatch (‘Sherlock’ fame) spoke these lines while portraying the character of one Stephen Hawking, an incredible human being. These words have been proved to be correct (or) epitomized again and again by a number of human beings over the years, all of them incredible themselves; not a significantly big number but there nonetheless!
Over time we have learnt to use a specific term for all these rather incredible human beings, that one profound word being- ‘HERO’. What comes to your mind when you hear it? Perhaps a Bollywood or Hollywood blockbuster. As it turns out, this word is much more meaningful than that and a certain American Joseph Campbell even managed to propose a theory to that end, namely “The Hero’s journey”. Briefly, what the theory said was that there is a certain pattern which exists in a number of narratives found around the world, mostly in fiction and at times even our real world heroes’ stories seem to follow the very same pattern.
And I don’t think there can be given a better real life example of a Hero at the moment than our very own, now official, “Bharat Ratna” Sachin Tendulkar. (I can go on and on about the guy but all that has already been said and done) The theory involves explaining various characters which play crucial roles at various point of the journey, helping the hero to eventually complete it. One has to agree that human relationships are significant and play an extremely important role, unless of course you are a cold blooded evil SOB, which will change things. It was no different for this one sports prodigy who turned out to be what he promised and one might argue, much more.
1. The Herald (Ajit Tendulkar): He changes the course and often starts the hero on their journey. In Sachin’s case his brother did the same. In his own words, “… he was the one who noticed the spark in me…” Ajit took him to Ramakant Achrekar and rest is history.
2. The Mentor (Ajit and Ramakant Achrekar): He is a wise presence...

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