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“Day In The Life” Account Set In A Hominid Or Hunter/Gatherer Group Pre History Essay

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ANTH:1201 (113:012) Introduction to Prehistory
Writing Assignment #1 Due: October 16th, 2015
Upload to ICON by 5:00pm
Write a “day in the life” account set in a hominid or hunter/gatherer group (based on either one of the sites presented in the textbook or a community you invent based on your sources), using archaeological information from your sources to reconstruct daily life. You might structure this as a diary entry composed by a resident of your community. Consider at least two of the following: (1) What are the choices you or your group make with regard to subsistence and mobility? (2) How does your lifestyle change based on the season, setting and availability of resources? (3) How do you interact with other groups on the landscape, if at all? (4) What are the social and ideological structures that define your group?
At least three sources other than your textbook and lecture notes, two of which should be non-Internet sources. In addition to books available at the main library, you may wish to check for relevant articles in some of the following journals: American Antiquity, Journal of Archaeological Science, World Archaeology. General audience magazines like Scientific American, National Geographic, Discover, and Archaeology also publish articles that are relevant, accurate and accessible.
The assignment you turn in should include the following:
· A minimum of 3-5 double-spaced pages of text in 12 point font, with 1-inch margins and in-text citations according to the bibliographic format.
· A separate page (not counted in the 3-5 pages) with a listing of cited reverences (including textbooks, if used) in the bibliographic format.
Due Date
The writing assignment is due Friday, October 16th by 5:00 pm on ICON, and will count for 13% of your final grade.
Citations and Bibliographic Style for Anthropology Papers
Every discipline has its own citation and bibliographic styles. Anthropology is no exception, but many styles may be acceptable as long as they are internally consistent within the manuscript on which you are working. In fact, each professor, journal or press for whom you write may demand a particular style. As you develop your paper you should find out the preferred style. Most journals print a style guide somewhere within the journal, often inside the front or back cover, but some publish it only once a year.
Inside the back cover of American Antiquity, for example, you will find a Notice to Authors. On reading that, you will find that the journal published detailed information on matters of style in the October 1992 issue (57:749-770). Look for similar style guides for other journals. You can usually also figure to the style by looking at the way the citations and references are done in a recent issue.
Citations tell the reader from where you derived materials or where you got ideas or quotations use for your work. To acknowledge the work of others is extremely important in all fields, but...

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