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Day Of Nonconformity Essay

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I wonder if anyone in the world ever wakes up and thinks to themselves, “I don't want to be like everybody else today, I think just for today I’m going to see how it feels to just try being myself instead.” Can you imagine a world like that? An environment where everyone behaved however they wanted to and no one was afraid to act as their individual self’s. Just visualize if everyone lived by their own individual lifestyles and no longer had to conform to anyone else’s rules or beliefs. Unfortunately, that would not be a very stable world to live in. There would be no such thing as nonconformity without conformity. If there were no norms to live by everyone would be different and no one ...view middle of the document...

While I walked into class late, instead of trying to dodge my professor and rush to my seat I greeted the class and apologized for my lateness. The students found this quite humorous, the professor not so much. After my first two classes, most of my friends were already beginning to notice a difference in my behavior. “Wow Joe you’re being awfully nice and talkative today, I’m kind of afraid that you’re up to something.” is an exact quote from my friend Angelica. Furthermore, I also shocked friends by not partaking in usual activities that I normally would be unhesitant to partake in. “Joe are you okay man? I’ve never seen you turn down a joint, is everything alright at home?” A group of my stoner friends joked as I denied their invitation to go smoke.
After a while I began to notice a difference between my normal behavior and my behavior throughout nonconformity day. Although I normally seem to conform to the activities of my friends, I still never truly get to be myself and act as my own individual self around them. So as my last experiment of nonconformity day I decided to take a risk and be myself around someone I undoubtedly would never in my life consider being myself around, a girl I’m interested in. So later that night I take this girl out, yet instead of letting her play music, I decided to play music I would normally listen to when I’m by myself because of my fear of being judged. Before pressing play I reevaluated how risky this experiment really was, I just started talking to this girl, do I really want to risk my potential relationship with her over a social experiment? Unfortunately, yes. So as I started the car I pressed play on my iPhone and my car speakers began to blare “Heart Shaped Box” by...

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