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Daycares Essay

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Choosing what's best for you and your child Having a young child is a miracle to any parent, but they can also be very stressful. Parents are constantly worried about taking the right decisions that will benefit their child. That is why choosing an daycare for their child is a difficult choose that will or will not affect their child in the future. Many parents are not aware of the benefits that daycare have to offer to their child, as well as the differences between day cares and nurseries. It is very important for parents to realize that day cares are not for babysitting but are intended for the child to learn , as Leslie Williams , a Columbia professor of educations "Children need to be learning." Simple games can play a significant role in this learning process. A good daycare is a key to a child's development. They are structured to encourage a child to mix with others but also to acquire skills that will be useful in elementary school. Many parents believe that their child will get ahead start by forcing them to learn faster, which can set up unreal expectations. The most important aspect of daycare is that the child may acquire social skills. Not all children are fit for daycare's, many already acquire the social skills through their busy active family. They are constantly interacting and learning during these activities.A parent must distinguish which is better for the child, a daycare or a nursery. There is a distinct difference between these two, being that nursery schools are generally licensed to operate only six hours a day- holding morning and afternoon sessions. Daycare centres, offer full day programs including lunch and nap time. In order to have a successful choose in choosing a daycare, the parent must be willing to research by asking many questions. In order to find a successful choice these steps should be taken into account Parents must decide what kind of daycare they want - are they looking for a homelike atmosphere or a centre. The most important priority is that the centre is safe. Are there any physical dangers such as open windows or sharp objects? Have there been complaints of abuse? The research doesn't end when the child is in placed in the daycare- parents should drop by the centre unexpected once in a while, to make sure everything is all right. While most daycare centres are safe, parents should prepare for the worst by knowing common signs of abuse. Symptoms like bed-wetting or bruises could mean children are being mistreated.Parents must find an environment which should be safe and at the same time educational. What play and learning materials are available? It is important that...

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