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Daydream From Someone Else's Point Of Veiw.

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On one cool, lazy, Summer afternoon, I lay in an open field. While I chewed on a blade of grass, I stared up into the clear, blue, sky, high above. My legs are bent at the knees and are crossed. I am in a pair of torn Levi shorts and a pink tee-shirt without any shoes on. I am wondering what I will be when I grow up. As I lay there in the cool grass, I drift in and out of consciousness, enjoying the peacefulness of the day. My daydreaming wanders even more and I find myself thinking of my office in the year 2000. I'm very busy, very confident, and......It is a cool Autumn morning in the year 2000 and I am in my office busy working on my super computer. There are paper copies of my work everywhere, from rough drafts to misprints. Some of my paperwork is in neat stacks, some of it is in a box ready to be recycled, and some of it is just trashed. While I sit in front of my computer, I feel very comfortable in my gray and black pantsuit but at the same time, I am nervously kicking my black heels on and off because of the nearing deadline for a prototype. I have been designing a better and more efficient data base for the Mars Corporation, the Corporation that now employs me.Two years ago when I graduated from Front Range Community College the Mars Corporation hired me through a lottery. I was one of many students that got hired through this lottery. Only one-hundred names were pulled from this lottery, in the Fort Collins area. I guess you could say I was one of the lucky few.The Mars Corporation is owned by two brothers, Ted and Henry Mars. Their head quarters are located in Estes Park, Colorado where both brothers live. Their Corporation employs about sixty-thousand employee's nation-wide, including thirty-thousand in foreign countries. The Mars Corporation is a manufacturer of super computers. The new super computers that can execute a command at the speed of light. Sometime in 1997, the Mars brothers invented a computer chip that made all other chips inferior.When I was hired by them in 1998, I started out as a computer operator and was also one of their first employee's. Because of their super computers, I am now a computer analyst and it is my job to design prototype's to help manage their rapidly growing Corporation. My salary is $70,000 annually, an increase of $30,000 since my hiring in 1998. Furthermore, I am one of many prototype designers employed by the Mars Corporation and work in Estes Park at their main headquarters. My office is on the 40th floor in an eighty-story building. This building alone, employs ten-thousand people.The 40th floor is one big open room with the exception of the restrooms and the employee lounge. My office is just like everyone else's on the 40th floor, each having clear cubicle dividers with the Mars Corporation's logo printed on them. They measure fifty-by-fifty feet. Equally important, is that all employee's on the 40th floor are all computer analysts, and although our cubicles are clear, with the exception...

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