Daydreaming Presents Issues Essay

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Rubber side downFor as long as I can remember I have always had a huge infatuation with motorcycles. I loved everything about, the noise, the looks, and most importantly, the speed. i knew that once I had a sport-bike nothing else on the road could touch me. Daydreaming of this would give me a sort of feeling of invincibility, but there was one major problem that had cast it’s shadow over my dreamy disposition: I did not even have a motorcycle yet. When I turned seventeen I put the threw down the down payment for what was to be my first motorcycle. Words could not express the feelings of excitement, nervousness and anticipation I had at that moment in time. Although I was just beginning to ride, I knew that it would take intense dedication and perseverance to attain the and aspirations that I had for the sport., and I would need help from others as well as my own self will to reach these goals.Most people when informed of my prospect of bike ownership had the same stereotypical advice that they would readily dish out to any young person who wants a fast street bike. “ You’ll kill yourself” was the most common response, while few others simply stated, “ shiny side up”, which basically means, don’t crash. Having received all this new knowledge I decided it was time I take the plunge into financial insecurity and buy the bike.It was unbelievable, the feeling I had when I sat down on my brand new Honda cbr600rr for the first time. The noise of the engine was intoxicating as I brought the revs up and down with a simple twist of the wrist. Being completely new to the sport of riding and having only ridden the much smaller and far less powerful bikes provided in the motorcycle safety classes, I knew that things could go wrong and quick if I was not careful in starting out with bike. I clicked the shifter into the first position and slowly let out the clutch as I brought up the revs, I started moving slowly when all of the sudden: silence. I had stalled the bike. This pattern continued as I cautiously rode around the dealership parking lot trying to get a feel for the way the bike turned and accelerated. From there came the daunting task of riding it home, which was in a word: astonishing. Never in my life had I been in or on something that could accelerate...

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