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Little bubbles of air danced around me as I slowly exhaled the rest of the oxygen from my lungs. Instead of being a normal human and going back up for a breath, I swam down deeper craving the burn in my lungs. There was a large rock on the bottom of the ocean floor, I tugged and tugged on it until finally it broke loose.
It all happened in a flash. Air from the hole blew up and sucked me into the hole pulling the rock back in place. I quenched my eyes tightly as I braced myself for the fall that never came. Slowly I opened my eyes and my jaw dropped down and touched the ground. Millions of things all shocked me at once. For one thing everything was made of gold and I was floating ...view middle of the document...

Also she said that one day here is a year there, which I think ment that a day in Atlantis is a year on earth. I continued to be confused until I finally said "Who are you guys and please explain to me what's going on."
"I am Lania and this is Michale and you will be Karah." Said the girl. "The greatest gold is friendship and you came here because you don't have any friends. Only lonely people can access Atlantis. Once you are here you will make a friend. You are welcome to stay as long as you like but you do have to go back to earth at some point because you don't age at all here and a day here is a year on earth. So the longer you stay the more people will forget about you on earth." Said Laina like she had said it millions of times and she could recite it in her sleep without stuttering.
"Why is my name Karah?" I asked wondering why she named me and it seemed quite like a girly name to me.
" New place, New time, New friend, New name. You guys best be off. Karah I want u to stay with Michalel." Said Laina as she pointed to the door.
Michale and I walked down the golden sidewalk silently. It was to talk with so much on my mind. The message I just received was some what depressing, the only reason I am allowed in here is because I was a loner. My family deserted me, no kids liked me, so I guess that did make me lonely.
Michale's place was very nice. The whole house was made up of five things sand, gold, cotton, silk, and water. When I look out the window I see a beautiful ocean. "I am exhausted." I said to Michale.
“Okay, your room is down the hall and to the right.” Said Michale gesturing towards a hallway. Finally I got up and walked down the hallway and into my droom. I bounced on the bed and felt like I was in a cloud. It took but a few minutes for me to fall asleep.
My eyes opened groggily and I sat up stretching my arms. Then I heard my stomach grumble and I walked down the hallway into the kitchen. It felt kind of rude going through his food but I was starving. I grabbed a bowl and poured some cereal then I started to brew some coffee. Just as I sat down and started eating Michale mosied into the kitchen slowly. “ mornin, I was planning on taking you out to the beach today and showing you everything in Atlantis.” said Michale.
“How long have you been here?” I asked Michale.
“Five days, there are a few things Laina didn’t tell you. Once you go back to earth you have no memory of your life in Atlantis. You will remember the friend you made but we will probably never see each other again because she sends us to different places with different names. Only one in every million Atlantean friends meet up with each other again but they never truly know it.” said michale. “And this place is extremely hard to leave but we have to leave at some point.” Michale continued as he sat down pouring himself some coffee.
Soon we were ready for the beach the golden sand was beautiful. I laid out to tan and the tide washed...

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