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Running Head: PLAN FOR BUSINESS TO BUSINESS WEB SITEPlan for Business to Business Web SiteRoger A. Godsey-Bell, Brad Mecha, Matthew Price, and Paul UngerUniversity of PhoenixDBM 500 Database ConceptsInstructor: Laura SmithAugust 27th, 2007Plan for Business to Business Web SiteRiordan Manufacturing, Inc. is a subsidiary of Riordan Industries, a Fortune 1000 company. Riordan Manufacturing Incorporated, a Fortune 1000 company, is an industry leader in the field of plastic injection molding technology. Founded in 1991 by Dr. Riordan, the company has expanded operations in both the United States and China. The company has projected annual earning of $46 million and has revenues in excess of $1 billion. This paper outlines a database plan to be used in the construction of a Business-to-Business web site that will allow Riordan Manufacturing to order materials via the Internet from its vendors. The actual interfaces between Riordan's database and its vendors' systems are outside of the scope of this paper.Overview of the Database PlanFor each item in Riordan's materials ordering system there will be one or more vendors for the item, including a history of previous orders of that item from that vendor. These histories will include a rating of the quality of materials, cost at quantity, speed of delivery and similar factors necessary for a making a decision regarding which vendor to rely upon. Once a selection is made a link takes the buyer to the vendor's website and depending on the interface, may log onto the vendor's site and take the buyer directly to the page to complete the order. Note that the purpose of this database is to facilitate Riordan's ordering of materials from other companies. The database does not contain the products that Riordan sells to its own customers.Purpose of the Database PlanThis project is designed to support several of Riordan's strategic initiatives, including (1) develop JIT process for components required for the custom plastic fabrication (Pontiac Plant), (2) obtain a 99% on-time delivery of electric fans from local Chinese supplier and reduce safety stock requirements on polymer material, (3) deliver user friendly tools which enable organization to integrate ERP and MRP systems across the entire global enterprise, and (4) develop ERP and MRP processes and tools that reduce cost by 10% and cycle time by 15% (Riordan Scorecard Goals, 2005).The Businesses Involved in the SystemThe China plant's main material need is for the motors for their fans. On-time deliveries for these motors over the past year have averaged only 93%. The China plant's other main material need is for plastic polymers, which it obtains locally from various vendors.The Albany plant manufactures plastic bottles. It main material need is for plastic polymers which it obtains from various vendors. The Pontiac plant, on the other hand produces a wide range of custom-made plastic parts. It also creates the metal dies used in...

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