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East Asia from 1450-1750, including China, Japan, and Ming China, used many different strategies for empire and state building including taking voyages around the world to get ideas for their empire, having a good educational system and a strong, powerful government, including women in schooling and political events, having different views on religious freedoms and having a tough military.
In “Père du Halde: The Chinese Educational System”, (Document 3), Pere du Halde talks about the Chinese Education system. In the document, he says, “That boys should not learn is an improper thing; for if they do not learn in youth, what will they do when old?” This shows that the educational system in ...view middle of the document...

China is still like that today. It is very prestigious and the civilians don’t want to let down their county. This document is very similar to Document 3 because they both have reasons and examples that showed China wanted great leaders.
In “Matteo Ricci and his lay companion Paul Siu Kwang-k'i”, (Document 4), there is a drawing of Matteo Ricci and Paul Siu Kwang-k’i in long cloaks, large hats, and standing next to a cross. The spread of Christianity and Catholicism was a big factor in religious history and China’s encounters with the West spread Christianity even more. People were definitely very modest based on this drawing and probably didn’t show skin. I think that China’s encounters with Europe started a big religion spread, and then there was probably many conflicts over religious differences. In “Writings of St. Francis Xavier Letter from Japan – 1551”, (Document 13), St. Francis Xavier was in Japan trying to convert people to Christianity. In the document it states, “The Japanese are certainly of remarkably good dispositions, and follow reason wonderfully. They see clearly that their ancestral law is false and the law of God true, but they are deterred by fear of their prince from submitting to the Christian religion.” This means that the Japanese refused to convert to different religions because they thought it would be going against their emperor/prince. There were many religious differences and conversions going on in the time period around 1551. Although most of the Japanese people refused to convert to different religions, Japan and the countries of the West did seem to have a positive interaction especially because St. Francis Xavier’s letter says that the Japanese people had “remarkably good dispositions”. These two documents are very similar because they both talk about the topics of religions and conversions. In another Document, “A European View of Asia (1590)”, (Document 6), it basically expresses that the Europeans didn’t think that anywhere in East Asia had a political structure worth comparing to anywhere in Europe. This essentially foreshadows what was going to happen in the future with Asia and Europe. In the document "Closed Country Edict of 1635 (TOKUGAWA IEMITSU)”, (Document 16), it was a harsh time for the people of Japan. The government sent out a strict Edict that put restrictions on trade and Western Interaction. As it says in the Document, “No Japanese is permitted to go abroad. If there is anyone who attempts to do so secretly, he must be executed.” This banned interaction with other countries and empires of the world. In the previous document, it seemed like the Western people and the Japanese got along pretty well, but it obviously progressed into terrible tension. Some other regulations mentioned in this Edict was, “If there is any place where the teachings of the [Catholic] priests is practiced, the two of you must order a thorough investigation. If there are any Southern Barbarians who...

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