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AlexaOften in history, people have worked to bring about social, political, and economic change in societies. For example, reformers in the United States have worked to change society during the late 1800's and early 1900's. There were a myriad of goals of reformers in the United States. There was also a plethora of methods used by reformers to help bring about change in society.One goal reformers tried to achieve was women suffrage. Suffrage means the right to vote. Not having suffrage hurt women badly, because women had to follow the laws, but they had no say in the government. The stereotype for women was that they were weak and that they had to stay home and always take care of the children. This was not the case for most women. Most women thought that they were being treated unfairly. Another goal reformers tried to achieve was to end child labor. Child labor is when young children go to work. In sweatshops, children worked long hours under unsanitary conditions. As you can see in the picture, Lewis Hine's photo of young boys removing bobbins while the machine is operating is very dangerous. This is because if the young boy's hand or feet gets stuck in the machine, they might get torn off. You can also see that the young boy is barefoot. This is very dangerous, because it makes his chance of getting a limb torn off even higher. (Document 4). Also, the safety equipment was so badly damaged and ruined that you could not even use it. An example to show you how badly the safety equipment was the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire. This fire took place on March 5, 1911. This was a fire that killed 146 people. These people were mostly women and children. This incident happened because the owner locked the doors. Also, because the fire escapes were broken and most of them could not even be used. This shows us how bad child labor is. A final goal that reformers tried to achieve was to preserve the national parks and forests. Loggers were destroying national forests. Loggers are people that cut down trees to make fire wood or build houses. Also, miners were scarring mountains and polluting rivers. Birds were also becoming extinct. People like John Muir did not like this. He thought that the parks and forests were beautiful and should be preserved.One method reformers used was writing books. John Muir wrote the book, Our National Parks. John hoped to preserve the national parks and forests. He also felt that only congress could pass laws to help preserve the national parks and forests. (Doc. 3). As a result, Theodore Roosevelt increased the amount of land set aside for national forests. Theodore Roosevelt also doubled the amount of National Parks and outlawed logging and ranching in these places. Another reformer who used...

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