Reasons For The Peasant´S Revolt Essay

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The Peasant’s Revolt occurred in 1525 because the wealth of the nation was not being distributed among the people equivalent, in conjunction with the wealth not being equally divided the sharecropper wanted serfdom to be abolished. The farmhands used the Word of God to show they were in the right to rebel. Public affairs also had a role in the revolution. The laborers forced the hand of the nobles to collaborate in the insubordination.
The upper class men had all the wealth in the world at the tips of their fingers while the lower classes didn’t have two pennies to rub together. “… The rich should share with the poor, especially those rich persons who had acquired their property from trade or had otherwise won it from the poor.” (#8) The favoritism is eye-catching, it says that the nobles had won the land from the peasants but stereotypically upper classes have had the land in their family for generations. The trade among the people was unfair to the farmhands. The farmhands fashioned the land and “they were supposed to be brothers with one another” (#8) they should have the right to property and not have to just work it for the lords. On the contrary the upper class “purchased this right for a considerable sum of money… [if the peasants want to be released from their duties to us, nobles, then] the peasants shall pay us a reasonable amount of money.” (#4) Until the sharecroppers started attacking the nobles they “looked on, unaware that misfortune was creeping up on [the peasants]” (#11) Instead of the peasants adopting and modifying their way of life they challenged the nobles to a war and lost. A total amount of the souls that were consumed by the sinful acts of the Robbing and Murdering Hordes of Peasants was 100,000.
The lords contrived the peasants to work more than they were obligated to. Not only did the nobles force them to work prolonged hours the nobles did not compensate the peasants for their epoch and efforts. “Lords should no longer try to force more services or other dues from peasants without compensation.” (#2) Assuming that the laborers did not get paid for their services they would not be able to buy their freedom. The nobles keep them in circumscribed. They say “council [we] will release and dissolve its subject from such serfdom that the council controls. In return the peasants shall pay us a reasonable amount of money.” (#4) Generalizing the upper classes say the serfs can be free but they do not give them the opportunity to be without omission.
Leonhard von Eck, being a Chancellor is most likely concerned with conserving the order...

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