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Dc Dc Converters To Suitable Applications Of Coil Gun

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The author would like to gratefully acknowledge the guidance and encouragement of Mr. Billy Chow, the Project supervisor who inputs further stimulated my interest to look more into issues related to simulation of circuit and nurture me with ideas to improve the design and testing process. In the successful indicates the correct direction of this project.

Executive Summary

The aim of project is to researches and analyses for DC DC converter to suitable application of coil gun. In this project, the DC converters have different type and characteristics. That is introducing four types of them namely, Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost and Cuk converter were studied and compared. In design 4A, implement the circuit of high voltage DC DC boost converter was simulated using the PSIM software. The PSIM software is widely adopted in universities, consultants, research centers, companies, etc. This software is fastest simulators for power electronics circuit. It is capable of simulate large and complex power converter and control systems in a short time. Further to development on design 4B, the circuit will be modified to improves in ripple waveform of output and improve the feedback circuit to control the output voltage. Furthermore, the converter is adopted based on measurement and comparison between power circuits in simulation time.

Table of Content

No. Description Page
1. Introduction 4
2. Background 5
3. Literature Search
3.1 Type of DC DC Converter 6-11
4. Technical Work
4.1 Target specification 12
4.2 Implementation DC DC boost converter 12-15
4.3 Design and implementation of 555 integrated circuit 15-18
4.4 Implementation of high voltage DC DC boost converter 19-20
5. Project Plan 21
6. Discussion and Conclusion 22
7. Reference 23
8. Appendices 24

1. Introduction

DC-DC converters are operated in Buck, Buck-Boost, Cuk and Boost at different voltage conversion ratios. The Buck converter is used for step-down voltage. The Buck-Boost and Cuk converter are used for either step-down or step-up voltage. The boost converter is called a step-up. The Buck and Boost are basic converter topologies. Both the Buck-Boost and Cuk converters are combined of two basic topologies. Whole choose the boost converter because the required output voltage is always greater than the input voltage. It is a switched-mode power supply contains as following: semiconductor switches (a diode and a transistor) and energy storage element (an inductor and an output capacitor), all components are same as the buck and buck-boost converter but placed to different location in circuit. This report is prepared to present the design of DC DC boost converter which can provide high voltage DC output to application of coil gun. Thus, when designed the circuit of the boost converter is using the PSIM software to simulation the performance analysis, output DC voltage, the duty cycle, Waveforms of the circuit, switching-frequency and etc.

Figure 1 is shown the...

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