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De Skilling Effects On Journalists: Ic Ts And The Labour Process Of Taiwanese Newspaper Reporters

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As Chang-de Liu notes, there's no doubt that technology will make a job significantly less complex, thus requiring less skill. This is the negative impact that technology has on the labour force. Technology or ICTs (information and communication technologies) are participating in the role of deskilling workers. As new technology is adopted in organizations, it is evident with the change in technological evolution there is a clear picture on the reductions in skill, autonomy and wages for employees.Technology is a powerful tool as Liu notes. It harnesses the ability to create jobs, to build a stronger economy and to fuel an entire organization. However with these positives aspects there is a ...view middle of the document...

Word processors and computers have seen to remove these skills as errors can be correct without wasting resources. Accuracy and speed can be built through very simple practice in analyzing the explicit details of the program such as alignment, margins and columns since they are all built in. "With word processing programs, reporters are able to replicate stories immediately with only several clicks of the mouse. As duplicating paragraphs, or even whole files, is easy, reporters have become accustomed to obtaining paragraphs that have already been written by other reporters or from press releases." (Liu)With this increase in technology there has been an evident increase in the workload and pressure. Since these technological advancements have made life easier on behalf of the reporter they must meet more strict deadlines, a 20% increase in the word count, and additional articles for the online medium to cater to digital readers. (Liu) Cell phones, computers and laptops are all tools that can capture any story and possess the ability to write one. Although these devices have shortened communication time significantly, it doesn't disregard the fact that reporters now work 24 hours a day. "But, it seems that I am always on duty - twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Even after the deadline, I still have to check my e-mail account and news stories on websites and TV to know if there was any accident on my beat"" Said one respondent. (Liu)It seems with these ICT's the authenticity of the journalism field has degraded in many ways. Virtually anyone that has access to a computer can easily write a story in any specific issue. Although it may not be recognized by local newspapers it will be recognized by a far greater medium: the Internet. People's perceptions change as some readers are more reclined to read blog's rather than professionally written stories. For instance during the September 11th terrorist attacks there was a huge increase in citizens reporting in the form of social...

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