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Estelle Getty had an amazing career as a mom and a performer. Estelle was born on July 25, 1923 named Estelle Scher, to Charles and Sarah, two Jewish immigrants. She began her life in New York where she grew up on the Upper East Side ( She had two siblings one named David and the other Rosilyn. On December 24th, 1947 she married Arthur Gettleman. Together they had two children named Barry and Carl. When Estelle’s career started picking up she adopted the stage name Estelle Getty and dropping her surname Estelle Scheer – Gettleman. She had a steady acting career both on stage and screen up until 2000 when she retired due to health reasons. The doctors originally thought it ...view middle of the document...

Torch Song Trilogy, is a story based around Arthur Beckhoff’s life. This show ran for a total of five years two on Broadway and three touring. This show (like other Fierstein show’s) won two Tony’s one for best play and the other for best actor (going to John Glines). He also won Two Drama Desk Awards (outstanding play and outstanding actor in a play) and a Theatre World Award. Besides the awards the Fierstein won for the show, Getty won a Helen Haynes award for her role. I think she was a big influence on him because she caused him to tell many of his personal stories on the stage (as the leading character). While doing my research I found out that Fierstein based International Stud on an actual gay bar in Greenwich Village. (Wikipedia). The entire subject of Torch Song Trilogy is based off of being gay and the culture around that. Without Getty, Fierstein may not be where he is today.
Her biggest role onstage was Mrs. Beckoff in Torch Song Trilogy. She played Mrs. Beckoff for five years until she lost the film role to Anne Banecroft, but that was okay because this was around the same time when she got cast in The Golden Girls as Sophia Petrillo. ( Though this role was not on a psychical proscenium stage this was by far her most memorable role. While on tour with Torch Song Trilogy she started a string of auditions for the role in Los Angeles. On the third and final audition she asked the make – up artist to make her look 80 and she did and she got the role. Contrary to how she looked on the show she was actually the youngest of all of the golden girls. On the show she is known for her tangents and stories which included a story about Pablo Picasso (of which I did as my opening monologue for my dead diva presentation). What was even greater is people started to mix up Estelle and her character Sophia, she responded with, “I think people have me mixed up with my character,” she told an interviewer in 1993. “I would like to be as sure and magnanimous and feisty and strong and indomitable as she is.” ( What is even more amazing about Sophia is that that role had guest spots on Blossom, Empty Nest, and Nurses. The role was even on the spin off series The Golden Palace. She won only one Emmy but was nominated seven times. ( She also won a Golden Globe while on the show.( What amazes me is that people don’t remember her from Torch Song Trilogy, from clips I watched that character was more interesting than Estelle’s Golden Girls character.
The most influential thing Estelle did for me and my life was value family. When her kids were young she stepped away from theatre to raise her kids. To the shock she said, “I wanted to act,” she recalled, “but I knew I would have to wait until the boys were in college before I could concentrate on a career. While I waited I used to send the kids off to camp in the summer so I could act.” I think this is one thing that people forget to do today,...

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