Dead Man’s Path. A Short Story By Chinua Achebe Hiramani School Question And Answers

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1. This is a story about the dangers of youthful inexperience. Why is Michael Obi’s age a problem in this story?
Ans : This is a story about a young man(Michael Obi) to be appointed as the headmaster of a school in backward village. As a backward village there are always such beliefs which are passed down from generations. And as Michael was promoted to run the school in such a village, he had to respect some of the beliefs in order to fully settle and run anything there i.e a school. As he was young and modern at that time, he didn’t fully understand the mindset of those people and was looking to modernize the school. The problem in this story is that he was a young man dreaming about making a modern society and leave his footprint there disregarding the beliefs surrounding him. The problems were not the beliefs but the feelings intertwined with the beliefs. however fanciful it seems but for those who believe it, it is as much as a vital part of their lives as technology is in ours.
2.  Shakespeare wrote a number of tragedies, Othello, Coriolanus, Macbeth, and more.  Each of the main characters possessed great skill or prestige, but had within their very souls tragic flaws that led to their downfall, most often it lead to death.  Can we view Michael Obi as a tragic figure, unaware of his flaw?  What is his flaw?
Ans : Shakespeare wrote a number of tragedies such as Othello, Coriolanus, Macbeth and many more as they were considered a tragic heroes in a sense that they were “Celebrated”, “Brave” , “Respected”. But not by their sense of humour or that they were entertaining. All of the tragedies had one thing in common i.e their personality. Othello was overly jealous which lead to his downfall or Macbeth’s biggest problem was vaulting ambitions. He wanted to have more and more despite of what he already had which lead to his downfall. With that in mind if we considered Michael Obi as a tragic figure knowing that he was unaware of his flaw, than his flaw would be that he was so obsessed in making his school beautiful and modern that he ignored all the beliefs of the villagers. He was putting so much effort in turning the school around in every sense that he couldn’t see anything ele. His own ego was in a matter of sense his downfall because...

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