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Dead Man Walking V The Life Of David Gale Crestwood High School Compare And Contrast

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Ali Choucair
English 101
“In the end, the only way that we can measure the significance of our own lives is by valuing the lives of others.” “The life of David Gale”, and “Dead Man Walking”, are two films that have similarities and differences. Both men in the films are on death row and have a few days until their time expires, and one turns out to be innocent. The theme of both movies is about the two men receiving redemption and forgiveness among themselves and society.
In “The Life Of David Gale” the film introduces David Gale as a well known and intelligent professor at the University of Austin. David was advocated for the abolishment of capital punishment. David’s activist Constance Hallway, plays a big role throughout the film. David’s former student who later expelled set him up to having sex at a party when intoxicated and finds himself being accused of rape, however, he was also convicted for the murder of his colleague Constance. David’s life took a turn and he felt worthless and lonely. They figure to planned the death of Constance his fellow activist to prove people on death row of their innocents: “No one who looks through that glass sees a person, they see a crime.” As David was on his death row, he agreed to give reporter Bitsey Bloom, the exclusive story from him to hear his side of the story in hopes of preserving his memory for his family. Furthermore Bitsey had only three days to interview David, before David’s execution. Days before his death, David gives hints to Bitsey to help her get closer to unveiling the truth. On his last couple minutes Bitsey finds a tape that reveals the truth but comes with seconds short to save his life.
Matthew Poncelet, is on death row and is close to his execution date. He calls upon Sister Helen, who is a nun working and teaching in the New Orleans housing projects for high school dropouts. She has never dealt with anyone on death row. Matthew is corresponded with Sister Helen, she is willing to help him with one last appeal to maintain his innocency of the murders of a young couple. Sister Helen’s fire impression of Matthew is seen as an arrogant, sexist, and racist not even pretending to feel any kind of remorse of the couple. Sister Helen begins to form a bond with Matthew and she visits both his families and their relatives of the victims, in order to learn more about the case. The families of the victims despites the fact that she's standing aside the murder of their loved ones. As things began to look bleak for Matthew, Sister Helen does all that she can do to comfort and console the hardened convict. She's a strong believer of forgiving everyone. As she frequently visit him she builds a special relationship with him. On the day of Matthews execution, Sister Helen tells Matthew to take responsibility of his actions. That's the only way he will serve redemption.
Bitsey and Sister Helen both have several things in common. They both have impacted the men’s lives on death row. The...

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