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Dead Poet’s Society: Cause Of Neil’s Death

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Every parent has different methods in raising a child. The way a child is raised has a tremendous influence on his or her whole life. Some parents believe in having a more lenient and friendly relationship while others believe in being more severe and oppressive. As shown in Dead Poet’s Society, overbearing parenting results in open defiance and can have deleterious results. In Dead Poet’s Society, the character Neil Perry’s father’s austere, uncommunicative and dictatorial relationship with Neil led to Neil’s demise.
Strict parenting is beneficial; it can discipline and regulate a child, so he or she does not get out of control and can teach respect. In Dead Poets Society, Neil's father's strict discipline is the reason for Neil's achievements and control in school. Being held to a high standard, Neil always did well in school and was able to manage himself without parental guidance. Because of his dad's parenting, Neil is able to discipline himself. Being able to work hard and having self control gives him initiative, which could be an advantage for the rest of his life. Strict discipline is acceptable until it crosses over to overwhelmingly rigorous. Neil’s father is immensely harsh when raising Neil, which cause unfortunate repercussions. Mr. Perry controls Neil and commands him to do as he is told when raising Neil instead of letting Neil have any input. “Out of fear, he obeyed his father’s commands without questioning and he never said what he wanted to say. He learned to keep everything bottled inside and listen to whatever orders or plans his father had given him. This led to his suicide.” (Harmon & Stimpson, “Physiological Issues in Dead Poet’s Society”. Neil's father wishes for him to be a doctor, so he will not allow any other activities that take Neil's attention from that goal. Neil never tells his father how he feels and just keeps it inside to continue to build up. In suppressing his real desires, Neil’s father exacerbates the situation and its consequences.
Neil decides to work towards acting, his real dream, without allowing acting to alter his academic standing. He auditions and obtains the main part for his school’s play. His father finds out and immediately dismisses it without discussing the situation with Neil. This lack of communication prevents both sides from coming to an understanding and accepting the results. This leads to Neil going behind his father’s back to...

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