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Dead Poet's Society Directed By Peter Weir

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Dead Poet's Society Directed by Peter Weir

'Dead Poet's Society,' is a sensational and emotive film, directed by
Peter Weir. It features attention-grabbing and naturalistic
performances by the leading players, Robin Williams (John Keating),
Robert Sean Leonard (Neil Perry), Ethan Hawk (Todd Anderson) and Josh
Charles (Knox Overstreet).

The highly acclaimed film opens with the Welton Academy's opening
school mass where the strong traditions of the academy is portrayed,
it establishes a high spirited and proud mood. The purpose of the mass
is to give the viewers an introduction to the Welton Academy (an
exclusive American school) and to a new staff member by the name of
Mr. Keating. The introduction informs that Mr. Keating has taught in
the highly regarded Chester school in London and also he was an honour
graduate of the Welton Academy. The title of this compelling film
refers to a secret club to which Mr. Keating belonged to when he was a
student. The four pillars of Welton Academy, honour, excellence,
discipline and tradition state clearly that this is an authoritarian
school where boys are expected to conform. The presentation for the
title of the film is shown using large underlined letters in a bold
text. It is shown adjacent to a lightened candle against a pitch-black
background. It is effectively shown this way to capture the audience's
attention and to make them curious of what is going on.

The film, which is set in the year 1959, unfolds chronologically
through the growing up of the boys at the Welton Academy. Mr. Keating,
an inspirational and brilliant mentor, is engaged to teach a class of
intelligent and impressionable young men. He ignores the conventional
teaching procedures and inspires his students to pursue individual
passions. The students access a world of ideas and creativity that
changes their lives. Although Mr. Keating's unorthodox methods delight
his pupils they also lead them into troubles, which will astonish
them. One of the students of the academy, Neil Perry, who comes from a
professionally successful family, takes Mr. Keating's advice to become
a performer. Mr. Perry (Neil's father) who has struggled to send his
son to an expensive school, wants to see value for money. He wants his
son to become a doctor but in the end he pushes him too far. As a
result Mr. Keating was to blame for the consequences. The film shows
the passage by an individual through a particular stage in life. 'Dead
Poet's Society,' is concluded very strongly with a marvelous and
extremely emotional ending that shows a long shot of some of
Mr.Keating's former students standing up on their desks saluting him.
By doing this the students display their gratitude and respect for
their sacked teacher, Mr. John...

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