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Deal With Stress By Methods For Managing Stress.

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Deal with stress by methods for managing stress .In modern life it has many hassles, challenges, frustrations and demands. For many people. Stress is very common in place and has become a phenomena happening daily. Stress is also considered the body's reaction to any changes that requires an adjustment or responses. It can affect our health by many reasons such as drinking alcohol, using tobacco or even narcotics. One of many reasons is pressure in the workplace that is unavoidable because of the demands of a contemporary work environment. Nowadays, scientists find a lot of great methods which could help us deal with stress. This essay will explain how stress can cause serious cardiac diseases and affect the brain's function. In addition, some strategies that will help reduce stress will also mention in this essay.Stress is considered as common phenomena which causes chronic illness such as heart disease. According to Fogoros (2014), stress could accelerate atherosclerosis and people who have type A appear to be at the greatest risk. With chronic emotional stress, inflammation and cardiovascular risk factors could increase by blood pressure and affecting excitability of cardiac muscles metabolism, clotting of blood or activity of the immune systems (Fogoros 2014). Extremely stressful life factors such as divorce, business failure and being victims of violence has significant effect to accelerate blood clotting and lead to increasing blood pressure (Fogoros 2014). Some recent clinical studies show around 70% of people with hypertension and seven in ten people with cardiovascular risk factors have episodes of inadequate blood flow (Harvard Heart Letter 2013, p.6). Furthermore, stress could have a long-term effect on the brain. According to Bremner (2005), stress causes deficits hippocampal-based memory function and damages several part of brain that is called hippocampus. Elevated levels of the stress-hormone increase traumatic reminders and could moderate the ability to grow neurogenesis in hippocampus. Patients who get regularly stress conditions might have high risk of hippocampal atrophy because of deficits in hippocampal-based. In some studies, fear responses involve in activation or inactivation of frontal cortex and shutting off several brain functions (Bremner 2005). In addition, chronic stress might probably decrease the norepinephrine which helps activate neurons and process information from outside. At that time, stimulating cells of brain seems to be inefficient and could danger in chemical signals turn on the brain. Some research also report that stress condition reduces impairment cerebral function and probably decrease critical neurogenesis response. Diamond (2011) also indicates that in state of stress, amount of white blood cell has adverse effects neurons and increases monocyte and eosinophil counts which limit development of sensory...

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