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Deal With The Devil; The Real Reason For Malnutrition

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T- While many people blame parents, food manufacturers, and the educational system, the poor nutrition and rising obesity rate among elementary children is a result of the poor economic conditions that make eating right ad getting enough exercise unaffordable most of the time.
Many people blame parents for the poor nutrition and rising obesity rate of children, but often times parents cannot afford to buy nutritious food and are too busy to make sure their children are getting enough exercise. When asked who is to blame for growing obesity in school age children, Lorri Barstow, a registered nurse, said in a March 29, 2014 interview, “Parents are mostly to blame.” Many feel the same way Mrs. ...view middle of the document...

In an interview the same day, when asked if junk food and soda companies are out to make children lifetime consumers of their products, Mrs. Barstow’s son, who struggled with obesity through middle school, responded “Absolutely, mass amounts of money are injected into a system that markets this junk food to us in every part of our lives like television, books, food labels, and everywhere else you want to look.” As a child, Mr. Barstow had indulged in fast food and consumed mass amounts of soda. It wasn’t until high school, when he joined the wrestling team, that he was able to get ahold of his weight. While it is true that food manufactures are targeting the next generations and trying to make sure they become consumers, Mr. Barstow ended up joining a program funded by contracts with several soda and junk food companies. If it was possible for these companies to sell healthy, nutritious, low fat products and still make a profit and ensure the future of their business, the malnutrition of children would be decreased dramatically. The cost of nutritious ingredients due to the negative economic conditions is responsible for the poor nutrition and rising obesity in...

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