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Dealing With Alcoholism         My Uncle Jim Is A Thirty Five Year

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Dealing with Alcoholism My Uncle Jim is a thirty-five year old alcoholic. The effects of his alcoholism have been devastating. First, alcoholism affected his personality. When he was drunk, he would talk about stupid and uncomfortable things to me. If I would disagree with something he would become very offensive, raise his voice while using a lot of curse words. He had a short fuse; for example, when he would try to fix something, and if it did not go right the first time, he would then quit, get mad, and throw things around. This made him not too mundane to be around. Alcoholism also began taking its toll on his work. He was too hung over most days, and he would often show up late, or sometimes, not even show up at all. While on his lunch breaks, he would be at the local bar partying and have a good time instead of eating lunch and returning to work. His supervisors, who were also friends of his, tried to keep him in line. However, this destructive behavior continued on a daily basis. Because of these actions, he went through several jobs, about one every three months. This did not look good on his resume. Another affect of my Uncle's addiction was his determination to drive while intoxicated. He got caught several times; unfortunately, he got away with it more than several times. One time he went down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina...

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